By Lauren Pressley

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Change is What Keeps it Interesting: My First LAUNC-CH

On Monday I went to my first LAUNC-CH. It’s a conference put on by the librarians’ association at UNC-CH, and it’s a really good local, one-day conference. They keynote was Lee Rainie, who I have followed from afar for years. He’s at the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life project, which as he emphasized,... more

Lauren P.’s ALA Midwinter, part III: LITA and a bit about Council

My big lesson this ALA: conferences are for lots of things. In the beginning, for me at least, it’s a big mix. Over time, I’ve started attending a more specialized conference. ALAs can be about programs, vendors, meetings with individuals from across the country, committee work, governing work, and networking. For a few years, my... more

Lauren P.’s ALA Midwinter, part II: All About Council

Yesterday began my term on council. I really, really like it. I can see how it could be frustrating or how some people might rather spend their time elsewhere, but it is a good fit for me. Everyone in the room cares about the profession, are passionate about what they do, think about the issues... more

Lauren P.’s ALA Midwinter, part I

This is an unusual ALA for me. Since I knew I was about to have a major life change, and was running for council, I timed a lot of my committee obligations to end before this conference. With that being the case, I haven’t been seeing as many familiar faces. With Leif being so little... more

ACRL/NY: Innovation by Design–Re-Visioning the Library

Last Friday I had the fortune to attend the 2010 ACRL/NY Annual Symposium at Baruch College, Vertical Campus Conference Center in New York. The theme of the symposium was “Innovation by Design: Re-Visioning the Library.” The symposium was a really well run event. ACRL/NY is an excellent organization, and they know how to put on... more

NCLA Library Instruction at the Point of Need

On Friday Sarah, Mary Beth, and I went to Thomasville, NC for the NCLA Library Instruction at the Point of Need, co-sponsored by the College & University and Community College & Junior College Libraries Sections. It was a really good conference and the conference organizers did a terrific job of everything. The conference was held... more

NCSU/UNCG/Duke Meet Up

On Friday, Susan, Erik, Jean-Paul, and I went to NCSU for a gathering of librarians working at the intersection of libraries, instruction, and technology. This gathering has evolved quite a bit in the past few years. The first meet up was at UNCG, when Steve Cramer got in touch to see if we wanted to... more

Lauren P. at ALA Midwinter

Cross posted to my blog. This was a fun ALA for me, though I didn’t get (or stay) out as much as I typically do. Little boy Borwick is already making his presence known in the form of hijacking my schedule for resting. 🙂 I tried to pick activities wisely, and I still wanted to... more

TRLN Instruction Group Meeting

Yesterday I went to Duke for the inaugural meeting of the TRLN Instruction Group. The TRLN is the Triangle Research Libraries Network, comprised of Duke, Central, NCSU, and UNC. However, the organizer of this meeting invited several folks from other libraries including UNCG, Guilford, and here, making it something she referred to as “TRLN Plus.”... more

Lauren P. at the South Carolina Library Association Conference

This evening I got in from the South Carolina Library Association conference. I spoke there for the College and University Section on “Adapting to a Changing World: Exceptional Services for a New Information Environment.” If you’re interested in the presentation, I posted it over on my blog. I really enjoy seeing how different library associations... more