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Sunday was busy, but didn’t feel nearly as busy as Friday or Saturday. I even had time for lunch!!

At dinner Susan had said she was going to Top Tech Trends in the morning, and since my morning was a little bit flexible, I went too. We got the last two chairs together and both typed away as the meeting went on. A few times I got direct Twitter messages, and then I found that a bunch of my “online only” friends were in the room! Afterwards I was able to meet one face-to-face, but in doing so I lost Susan. After the talk I went to a new hotel to participate in the Women’s Studies Section Instruction Committee meeting. It was a good meeting. We’re looking at re-doing the information literacy standards for Women’s and Gender Studies, and even more exciting, we’re looking at piloting a way to allow for virtual participation (which can be viewed as a Women’s Studies issue). I’m VERY excited about that. Between my WSS meeting and COSWL, I ran into Mary and we took the shuttle to the convention center together. It’s always fun to run into someone you know! My last formal meeting of the day was with the Committee on the Status of Women in Librarianship. It’s a committee of people appointed by the ALA president, which makes it a little different from the rest that I’m involved with. We don’t all come in with the same interests or motivations, but we do come to some good conclusions on projects. See my blog post for the list if you’re interested. 🙂 I wrapped up the day with an attempt at going to the OCLC Blog Salon. I did walk through, but didn’t really spend much time there. To reward myself for nearly extroverted behavior, I came back to my room and treated myself to wireless. Now I’m relaxing with my blog, flickr set, twitter feed, and rss reader, and getting ready for the big LITA Town Meeting tomorrow!