During January 2008

NCPC Basic Book Repair Workshop at ECU

NCPC Basic Book Repair Workshop, ECU Jan 24-25, 2008 Laupus Medical Sciences Library, East Carolina University For two days, my colleague, Rachel Hoff and I, discussed and taught preservation concepts and treatments. It was two day-long Basic Book Repair Workshops sponsored by NCPC. Rachel and I have been teaching these workshops for several years both... more

Lauren on Monday

The LITA Town Meeting was first thing this morning. Part of my role as LITA’s Emerging Leader is to work with the LITA vice-president/president elect, and that kicks off with the Town Meeting. Our theme for the year is communication and marketing, and the group had some very interesting discussions. I have the big sheets... more

Lauren on Sunday

Sunday was busy, but didn’t feel nearly as busy as Friday or Saturday. I even had time for lunch!! At dinner Susan had said she was going to Top Tech Trends in the morning, and since my morning was a little bit flexible, I went too. We got the last two chairs together and both... more

Susan’s Sunday in Philadelphia, Continued

Mosaic Stairway in the Magic Gardens It was cold but sunny in Philadelphia this afternoon, so I took a few hours to tour part of the city by foot. My direction was partially dictated by the fact I left my VISA in Bookbinders two evenings ago, so I needed to retrieve. But, I particularly wanted... more

Susan’s Sunday in Philadelphia

Top Technology Trends I started off the day bright and early, attending the Top Technology Trends committee meeting. It was different than the one I went to a year earlier. Since it is Midwinter, it was more informal, with the technology gurus seated around a table having an informal discussion about technology trends. Those of... more

Lauren on Saturday

Yesterday was pretty busy, so I didn’t get a chance to write up my notes for blogging until I got back to my hotel (without internet)… so here’s what I wrote up, posted in quick succession: I attended the LITA Interest Group/Committee Chair meeting where we got information about chairing responsibilities and saw a few... more

Library 2.0 Publication Podcast Interview

Library 2.0 Publication Podcast Interview This morning I had a new conference experience. Most of you know that Erik, Caroline and I recently authored a chapter in the new ACRL book “Library 2.0: Initiatives in Academic Libraries.” The publisher invited authors who planned to attend ALA Midwinter to be interviewed about our projects on a... more

Susan Arrives for ALA Midwinter 2008

Bookbinders Restaurant This year, ALA Midwinter is being held in Philadelphia. I arrived late this afternoon by car (because a family obligation found me in the DC area the past few days). I’m rooming with Mary Horton at the downtown Marriott, which connects to the Convention Center. Mary arrived yesterday and had meetings to attend... more

Lauren at emerging leaders

In an effort to keep the PD blog readable, I’ve been posting periodic updates to my own blog: emerging leaders leadership discussion mw2008 emerging leaders group meeting/leadership analysis emerging leaders group meeting emerging leader discussion on negotiation So far it’s been a good experience! We have developed an interesting project, so here’s hoping it goes... more