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In addition to a nice blur of technologies and acronyms, here, in distilled form, are a few key ideas I gathered from code4lib 2009:

  • libraries vs. museums of books (or how the ecosystem of information will become all electronic)
  • a chair in a room, a catalog on the web (or how design requires context)
  • linked open data (or how to turn the web into an API)
  • a web of data (or how information goes from books of pages to journals of articles to webs of hyperlinks to networks of relational assertions)
  • not simply a web of data (or why the goal should be to enrich lives through access to information)
  • “if you have something to say, release it as code” (or how to become an advocate in your library)
  • data outlasts code (or why open data is more important than open source)
  • the value of data (or why we should engineer for serendipity)