By Kevin Gilbertson

Inside ZSR

Kevin at Designing for Digital 2019

In early March, I attended my second Designing for Digital virtual conference. Session topics ranged from conducting library space assessments to encouraging open and affordable course content, from tackling wicked problems to advocating for better internal UX. A few comments stood out: like one when, during some UX testing, a student said a library’s general... more

Kevin at Designing for Digital 2018

In early March, I attended my first Designing for Digital conference—online. Established in 2015 as an extension of the ER&L conference, Designing for Digital focuses on user experience, design and discovery, and usability in libraries. And I have to say, my (user) experience of the conference was great. Much of my enjoyment was in the... more

Kevin at edUi 2017

During the last week of September, I attended my sixth edUi conference, edUi 2017 in Charlottesville, Virginia. Maybe it was the city, resonant with strength and togetherness after the recent tragedy. Or maybe it was the weather, close and still before the changing season. Maybe it was the program, scheduled with local encouragements on the... more

Kevin at edUi 2015

In November, I attended my fifth edUi conference, edUi 2015 in Charlottesville, Virginia. Sessions featured systems analysis and user experience, advanced CSS techniques, advanced tracking using Google Tag Manager, digital signs and wayfinding, and information architecture. more

Kevin at The Collective 2015

At the end of last week, I attended The Collective 2015 – a new conference drawing on the ‘un-conference’ model – held in Knoxville, TN. Chelcie and I were part of a panel session on digital humanities in libraries: we talked about our plans for build.ZSR, a service for scholarly digital projects at WFU; folks... more

Kevin at edUi 2014

At the end of September, I attended my fourth edUi conference, edUi 2014 in Richmond, Virginia. Focusing on web professionals in universities, libraries, museums, and archives, sessions covered: content strategy design principles and workflows social media and organizational visibility mobile analytics mobile user experience I’m happy to talk about these topics and to answer any... more

Kevin at WordPress virtual conference

Because of our various uses of WordPress in the library, I attended “Using WordPress In Higher Education,” a day-long virtual conference. Sessions included information about: load testing WordPress managing the lifecycle of plugins and themes hosting faculty sites on WordPress facilitating single sign-on between WordPress and other sites It was a lot of useful information,... more

Kevin at edUi 2013

The best conferences change you. Even before the closing session, you recognize something different about yourself, a new way of thinking perhaps or a new perspective on a project. This change is more than the catalog of new ideas and new projects that the conference generates; it’s a new way of seeing things, of making... more

Kevin at edUi 2011

edUi – a conference for web professionals serving colleges, universities, libraries, museums, and beyond – was held in Richmond, VA this year, having moved from its original location in Charlottesville. It was a good move – many first time attendees – and an incredible conference. From the plenary on the “Googlization of Everything” – where... more

Kevin at LITA National Forum

Here are a few notes from my first LITA National Forum: Subjective perceptions. From the opening keynote (an epistemological discussion of Wikipedia), a couple questions resonated with me – one in particular. How do we know how to resolve conflict when we don’t really agree on reality? Legitimate peripheral participation. “Through peripheral activities, novices become... more