During March 2009

Leather Bookbinding Finale

I was able to complete two re-backs from start to finish this week. The two leather spines had dried over night. On the final morning, I still needed to paste down the inside joints or hinge of the books. I had lifted the paper a day earlier. so I tore strips of Japanese paper which... more

Preparing the Leather – Day 4

We’re almost home-honest! This stuff takes time folks- I mean it is important, one of a kind, historical material and must be treated like your pet bunny rabbit when you were 6. The first order of business today was to sew the headbands. To do this, two colors of silk thread are sewn around a... more

Leather Bookbinding – Getting Close on Day 3

This morning, we used a small tool to fray the ends of the cords we glued to the spines of our books yesterday. The tool is a small wooden peg with 3 sewing needles attached which separates the strands of the cords. These frayed ends will be glued to the boards of the book later.... more

Carpenter Library visit

Cristina Yu made arrangements for Ellen Makaravage, Patty Strickland, and me to visit the Carpenter Library on Monday, March 23. The three of us had never been to Carpenter, so the purpose of the visit was to see the library and learn more about how they operate. We entered the hospital at the door closest... more

Leather Workshop – Day 2

I’ve lifted the spine of my leather books and cleaned off all the residue. Next, the spine is glued out and either cords or tapes are glued onto the spine as sewing structures. This allows you to re-sew the parts of the book that are weak or broken-and let’s face it, after 300 years, you’d... more

Leather Bookbinding, day the first

Wilkes-Barre(bear), PA…not your idea of a fun spot, eh?Mine either.This is a place that did have a thriving economy, but that was when coal was king.It’s located on the Susquehanna River in central Pennsylvania, and now it is definitely a city struggling to make it.I drove 8 hours up I-81 to spend aweek learning leather... more

Ellen M. @ VA Beach – Day 2

The second day at the 2009 OCLC ILLiad International Conference began with an update from OCLC about matters affecting ILL providers.Katie Birch, the Portfolio Director of Delivery Services and John Trares, a Product Manager were the spokespersons.They began with an explanation of the “perfect storm” that led to WorldCat being taken offline for a day... more

2009 UNC TLT online conference

2009 UNC TLT online conference On Tuesday, March 17, I participated in the University of North Carolina’s 10th Annual Teaching and Learning with Technology Conference. Due to all of the travel restrictions and other budget constraints facing the UNC system, the TLTC Board decided to suspend the registration fee and to host the 2009 conference... more

Ellen M. @ VA Beach

Yesterday I arrived in Virginia Beach, VA in anticipation of the 2009 ILLiad International Conference scheduled to begin bright and early on Thursday morning.A Pre-Conference Social was held last evening which provided a variety of mingling opportunities.Attendees could play tennis and go bowling on a Nintendo Wii game system or release your inner rock star... more

MB @LAUNC-CH March 2009

Erik Mitchell, Kevin Gilbertson, Cristina Yu, Mary Scanlon, Ellen Daugman, Steve Kelley and I all attended the LAUNC-CH conference at Chapel Hill on March 9, 2009. I attended the Next Generation Library Systems session from 12:45 to 2:15. That presentation, not surprisingly, focused on the OLE Project, (Jean Ferguson and John Little were presenters) and... more