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Teaching Preservation Concepts

After weeks of planning, the first session of the pilot program for the LSTA Outreach grant was held today.
Giz Womack, Audra Eagle (FCPL) and Craig Fansler are leading a 2-day program which covers preservation concepts, hands-on training and digitization. There were participants from the Forsyth County Public Library and YWCA (both men!).

The morning session covered the basic tenets of preservation:
oWhy preservation is important (with focus on light/RH/pests/mold/acidity)
oPreservation terms/concepts
oPreservation assessment

The afternoon session convened in the Preservation Lab and covered hands-on training: tipping in loose pages, heat set tissue repairs to torn pages, paperback book repairs and storage (enclosures, envelopes, sleeves, boxes).

Kathleen Wheeless, Reference Supervisor from FCPL then spoke on grants and their new Nonprofit Resource Center. It was a full day, and the classes seemed to be helpful to all the attendees. Tomorrow, Giz and Audra teach digitization of photographs, video and audio. When the kinks are ironed out after the pilot phase, four classes will be offered to the public in Forsyth County. The first public session will be held on November 21.