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JP and Erik hit Code4Lib on Monday and started off with attending a pre-conference on Koha. Koha has hit version 3 & includes some interesting serials and acquisitions functionality now. The presenter was Galen Charlton, the programmer who previously helped ZSR on our Meridian implementation.

During the break we had an opportunity to chat with Evergreen & Koha users & found that the Acquisitions and serials implementations are in process (evergreen) or functioning (Koha). We had an interesting discussion about the utility of serials check-in.

During the dream-the-dream segment some ideas for best world scanrios included lots of talk of system integration – integration of digital library stuff with the ILS< integration of ERM stuff with the ILS, the integration of Koha/Evergreen.

After a lunch at Salsas JP & I split up. He hit the Blacklight session & I went to Dan Chudnov’s tools session in which we learned some python programming, talked about Django, Kohana, and the overall value of testing your code 🙂