Code4Lib 2010 in Asheville

Asheville hosted a fantastic code4lib. Here are a few highlights: Tuesday’s keynote. Cathy Marshall (Senior Researcher, Microsoft Research) discussed the nature of living digitally, where, for many, loss is an acceptable means of culling collections, where benign neglect is the de facto stewardship technique. Galactic glitter glue with space debris. There was a proposal for... more

c4l10 – tuesday/wednesday

One thing I love about Code4Lib – I find out about projects that are complex, neat, well outside my technical expertise range, and every now and then, something that I can’t wait to play around with. I decided to spare everyone the gritty details from Tuesday & Wednesday – if you want to see them... more

Code4Lib Preconferences – Koha/blacklight/dev tools

JP and Erik hit Code4Lib on Monday and started off with attending a pre-conference on Koha. Koha has hit version 3 & includes some interesting serials and acquisitions functionality now. The presenter was Galen Charlton, the programmer who previously helped ZSR on our Meridian implementation. During the break we had an opportunity to chat with... more