During February 2010

Kaeley rocks the Webinar

I know that this is somewhat tangential but I thought that it was interesting. Today I hosted my first webinar as part of the on-line Indexing & abstracting class and it was my pleasure to have (our own) Kaeley McMahan and Mark Schumacher as my two guest speakers. We used Elluminate but there are lots... more

Promoting Meaningful Classroom Participation- is it possible?

On Feb. 4th (the only day that week that the campus opened at the regular time) I attended a presentation on promoting meaningful classroom participation, sponsored by the TLC. Dr. Dee Oseroff-Varnell, professor in the Communications Department, led our session. For anyone who has taught LIB 100 or any other class, you will recognize many... more

Public Speaking and Presentations day two

Ellen and I attended the second of six sessions offered by the PDC on Public Speaking and Presenting today. Because I was the only one who hadn’t given my 3 minute speech on an assigned topic yet, I gave my speech today. (The rest of the 15 attendees had to give their speech with very... more

Day three at Code4Lib

The Code4Lib Conference started yesterday and Cathy Marshall, Senior Researcher at Microsoft’s Silicon Valley Lab gave the keynote speech. She talked about personal digital archiving and shared some insights on how with digitization, people can now hold on to everything digital. I found her talk pretty interesting as it made me wonder if I should... more

c4l10 – tuesday/wednesday

One thing I love about Code4Lib – I find out about projects that are complex, neat, well outside my technical expertise range, and every now and then, something that I can’t wait to play around with. I decided to spare everyone the gritty details from Tuesday & Wednesday – if you want to see them... more

Public Speaking & Presentations

Last Thursday, Mary Beth and I attended the first of 6 sessions offered by the PDC on preparing and presenting speeches and presentations. The class is taught by Dr. Dee Oseroff-Varnell from the Communications Dept.. There are 15 WFU employees in the class with as many objectives for taking the course. In our first class... more

Code4Lib Pre-conferences – Blacklight

Erik and I drove down to Asheville this morning for the Code4Lib conference that is being hosted at the Renaissance Marriott hotel. We got in town around 9:15 and after checking in and dropping our luggage, we attended the pre-conference on Koha that Erik signed up for. I signed up for the blacklight pre-conference, which... more

Code4Lib Preconferences – Koha/blacklight/dev tools

JP and Erik hit Code4Lib on Monday and started off with attending a pre-conference on Koha. Koha has hit version 3 & includes some interesting serials and acquisitions functionality now. The presenter was Galen Charlton, the programmer who previously helped ZSR on our Meridian implementation. During the break we had an opportunity to chat with... more

Preserving Forsyth’s Past

On Saturday, February 20th, Audra, Barry, Craig and Rachel Hoff (UNC-CH Medical Sciences Library) led 3 sessions on preservation and digitization at the Lewisville Branch, Forsyth Public Library. Giz, Audra and Craig surveyed the space a few weeks back and it proved to be a new, tech friendly space. Giz and Barry came early to... more

Mobile Library, Handheld Librarian

On February 17, I attended the keynote session entitled “This is Now: The Mobile Library” as part of the Handheld Librarian Online Conference. The presenter was Joe Murphy who received the Library Journal ‘Movers & Shakers” award in 2009. As a “trend setter,” Murphy believes that librarians need to think mobile about library services. As... more