This article is more than 5 years old.

UC has launched UCPubS as “a suite of publishing services and tools includign oa, digital an dprint publishign tools to UC centers, institutes, deparmtnets that produce scholarly books.” This service combines the efforts of UCPubS, eScholarship, and UC organizations to provide review, archive, distribution, and print services for UC scholarship.

Some services each aspect of the system include:

UCPubS – sales, fulfilment, distribution of print, online marketing, print on demand

Departments & UC partners – selection of content, peer review, manuscript management/composition

eScholarship – Open access publishing, peer review, and preservation services.

The focus of UCPubS is on working with partners to build a sustainable aggregate/archive/publish/market model. An example of a partner is the Global, Area and international Archive. They indicated that GAIA used UCPubS to help re-frame scholarly publishing in their field.

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