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Kyle at #OpenEd16, or: why WFU should care about Open Education

I’ve been inspired for a long time by the work being done in the Open Education community. For the uninitiated, “Open Education” is an umbrella term that applies the principles of openness (think open access scholarship, open source software, etc.) to learning materials specifically and pedagogy and institutional practices more broadly. If you’ve heard of... more

Lauren P.’s ALA Midwinter, part I

This is an unusual ALA for me. Since I knew I was about to have a major life change, and was running for council, I timed a lot of my committee obligations to end before this conference. With that being the case, I haven’t been seeing as many familiar faces. With Leif being so little... more

Univ of California Publishing Services (UCPUbS) webinar

UC has launched UCPubS as “a suite of publishing services and tools includign oa, digital an dprint publishign tools to UC centers, institutes, deparmtnets that produce scholarly books.” This service combines the efforts of UCPubS, eScholarship, and UC organizations to provide review, archive, distribution, and print services for UC scholarship. Some services each aspect of... more