This article is more than 5 years old.

In July, the Mentoring Committee (Craig, Mary Beth, and Bobbie) started planning and coordinating this year’s mentoring events and activities. Last year the Committee asked Allison McWilliams (Director of Career Education and Counseling, Professional Development, and the Mentoring Resource Center at Wake Forest University) to lead a training session for mentors/mentees. During her presentation, Allison did an excellent job introducing the group to some of the principles of effective mentoring practices.

To kick off this year’s mentoring program, the Committee decided to invite Allison to come and once again give our new mentor/mentee pairs a quick overview to help us start our mentoring journey. As usual, Allison’s presentation was very well organized and provided opportunities for us to engage in “intentional conversations” and practice active listening. Allison mentioned the importance of setting goals for professional growth and encouraged us to consider completing a “Mentoring Relationship Agreement.”

Allison brought copies of John C. Maxwell’s Mentoring 101 and gave each participant a copy. Skimming through some of the chapters, I can see that this book is going to be a really good resource for our mentors and mentees as we move forward in our mentoring relationships.