By Bobbie Collins

Inside ZSR

Building Effective Mentoring Relationships

In July, the Mentoring Committee (Craig, Mary Beth, and Bobbie) started planning and coordinating this year’s mentoring events and activities. Last year the Committee asked Allison McWilliams (Director of Career Education and Counseling, Professional Development, and the Mentoring Resource Center at Wake Forest University) to lead a training session for mentors/mentees. During her presentation, Allison... more

Three Ways to Improve Your Peer Mentor Programs

Allison McWilliams sent out an invite to the ZSR Mentoring Committee to attend a webinar: “Three Ways to Improve Your Peer Mentor Programs.” Unfortunately, I was not able to attend the webinar on the day that it aired. This week I was able to view the recorded webinar. The webinar offered some excellent advice for... more

Revisiting the 1960s

On Thursday, I walked over to Tribble to meet with Dr. Simone Caron’s history seminar class (History 390 – Research Seminar: Long Decade of the Sixities: 1956-1974). These students will be looking at topics such as the Eisenhower administration, Cold War, Watergate, Vietnam, space exploration, civil rights, women’s rights, and student movements. During the class... more

Mentor/Mentee Training

One of the goals of the Mentoring Committee is to offer training/educational programs for both mentors and mentees. One way that we have accomplished this goal is to organize journal reading groups that focus on some aspect of mentoring. The Committee has also been interested in hosting a training session for both mentors and mentees.... more

ZSR Mentoring Committee attends Council meeting

On May 10, Vicki Johnson, Molly Keener, Giz Womack, and I attended the Mentoring Program Coordinator Council meeting. The council meets about two times a semester and provides an opportunity for WFU personnel who lead mentoring programs on campus to exchange ideas. Allison McWilliams (Director, Career & Professional Development, Counseling, and Mentoring) kicked off the... more

Metrolina Information Literacy Conference

On Thursday, June 17, a group of ZSR librarians (Bobbie Collins, Carolyn McCallum, Molly Keener, Roz Tedford, Ellen Daugman, and Mary Scanlon) attended the 5th Annual Information Literacy Conference in Charlotte. This is the third year that I have attended the Metrolina Conference, and it gets better every year! While enjoying a quick continental breakfast,... more

What the Best College Teachers Do

On March 19, I attended an inspirational presentation by Ken Bain who is the author of What the Best College Teachers Do. The program was co-sponsored by the Wake Forest University Schools of Business and the Teaching and Learning Center. Bain observed that students take three approaches to their learning: surface (trying to remember stuff);... more

Mobile Library, Handheld Librarian

On February 17, I attended the keynote session entitled “This is Now: The Mobile Library” as part of the Handheld Librarian Online Conference. The presenter was Joe Murphy who received the Library Journal ‘Movers & Shakers” award in 2009. As a “trend setter,” Murphy believes that librarians need to think mobile about library services. As... more

2009 UNC TLT online conference

2009 UNC TLT online conference On Tuesday, March 17, I participated in the University of North Carolina’s 10th Annual Teaching and Learning with Technology Conference. Due to all of the travel restrictions and other budget constraints facing the UNC system, the TLTC Board decided to suspend the registration fee and to host the 2009 conference... more