NCLA was an awesome blur! I don’t have any great photos, but I did collaborate and celebrate, and I hope I innovated a bit in there somewhere too! As we all know, when a conference is local, it’s tough to devote yourself entirely, especially when it’s after Fall Break and there is the pull to get back to work! Still, I was fortunate to participate in two new program formats at NCLA that let me hear other presentations while presenting with my colleagues at ZSR and Elon! The lightning talks, new to NCLA this year, were wonderful. I came away with some great new tech tools, and some awesome outreach ideas! The shared programs I attended were also successful. Meghan Webb, Amanda Foster and I shared a sessions on “writers in the library” with┬áLillian Carden a Graduate Assistant at the SELF Design Studio Makerspace. I also enjoyed hosting several librarians from Elon at 220 Harmon Ct. during the week! (and I gave away so much candy that I just placed another order for 1000 Dum Dums to get me through the rest of the semester!) Thanks to all the ZSR Librarians who served on the various conference committees and helped make this such a wonderful conference!

Candy at NCLA 2017