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I thought it would be good to have my students write about their training experiences in Preservation.
Each student receives a variety of training experiences in Preservation, and each one brings a unique set of skills as well. I have asked each of my Student Assistants to write about their training. These students do great work and learn through experience the basic principles and best practices of Preservation and Special Collections & Archives. The students also develop their hand skills, as well as spatial accuracy, safety, measuring and cutting.

Sydney Comstock

Sydney Comstock, Junior

I have always been interested in old and peculiar things, which is exactly what my job in preservation is filled with. This job has given me the opportunity to protect the books in Special Collections so that they are available for the next group of students who come through Wake Forest. One of my favorite parts of my work is being able to walk through the stacks on the 6th floor, looking at all the different types of books that ZSR has, and finding those that need to get a covering. (Note- Book selection for our Colibri book covers is done under Craig’s supervision in order to select the most appropriate materials. This is stated our Colibri Book Cover Policy.)

This job has allowed me to make connections with my boss and others who work in the library so that I have helpful people to give me advice in my future career. Working in preservation has taught me so much and I would recommend this job to anyone looking for a great work environment with welcoming staff.