The Dedicated Deacon recognition program is a long-standing tradition at ZSR. It provides an opportunity for colleagues to recognize one another for going above and beyond the course of their normal responsibilities. Below are 75 Dedicated Deacons given since February 24, 2022 (alphabetical by first name, not chronological). Many thanks and congratulations to our colleagues for your amazing work!

NomineeReason for NominationNominator
Alice EngFor the past week, every time I went into an EBSCO database using Chrome I was given a strange EBSCO menu that should not have been there. I called Alice, and like a good physician, she diagnosed problem which was specific to my browser and now it is working perfectly. Thank you, Alice!Joy Gambill
Amanda KaufmanAmanda stepped in to lead an instruction session for WFU Summer Immersion when I was out. Thanks again, Amanda!Meghan Webb
Ashelee Gerald HillAshelee volunteered to help with my LIB260 class doing marbling. There are lots of moving parts to this class, and Ashelee’s positive presence and help was really wonderful. Everything went very well, and she also helped me clean up a messy lab afterwards. Thank you Ashelee!Craig Fansler
Ashelee Gerald HillAshelee curated a special popup exhibit for the Swim and Diving Team for their Friday night event, thanks Ashelee!Tanya Zanish-Belcher
Barry DavisSCA received a last minute request for video of Dr. Wilson reading the poetry of Yeats–fortunately, our Songs of Wake Forest presentation in 2020 includes such a reading, and Barry was able to edit it into a clip for an event THAT EVENING. Thank you, Barry!!Tanya Zanish-Belcher
Barry DavisBarry jumped in on very short notice to use his excellent video skills as the camera person for a short ZSRsaurus video on the updated masking policy! Thanks, Barry!Hu Womack
Barry DavisBarry provided technical support for our first SCA in-person event in 2 years–including setting up a livestream plus presentation and microphone troubleshooting. Thanks Barry!Tanya Zanish-Belcher
Barry DavisWell, here it is, my monthly nomination for Barry! Barry truly went above and beyond by assisting with the university’s Remember with Us: Commemoration of the Enslaved. He provided technical audio support, transported equipment, recorded the entire event, and also assisted in making it available as part of our Digital Collections. Thank you so much, Barry!Tanya Zanish-Belcher
Barry DavisBarry helped us record, edit, and present the SCA team video for the Wanda K. Brown staff development day. Barry perfectly put together the video in what would have taken me ages. Thanks, Barry!Rebecca May
Barry DavisWhen I discovered that 15 ETDs from our May graduates were missing from our local collection, Barry uncovered the issue and worked with Will to get the ETDs into WakeSpace. Thanks Barry!Molly Keener
Barry DavisBarry helped us with numerous technical needs for SCA events, including Homecoming and others. Thanks Barry!Tanya Zanish-Belcher
Barry DavisOn Friday, August 5th – the Business Section of NCLA (BLINC) held it’s first hybrid all-member meeting. Barry provided an excellent set-up for us, including trouble-shooting the tech (which involved several trips up and down floors) until it was perfect. Several BLINC members (in-person and virtual) commented that this was the smoothest/easiest hybrid session they have attended since the advent of hybrid meetings! Thank you Barry!Morgan Ritchie-Baum
Carol CramerCarol put together some amazing statistics for us to share with our LIB 290 (Critical Information Literacy) students related to information costs and interesting facts about ZSR’s print and electronic collections. Additionally, Carol located some old catalog cards for us to share with our students in the class. Thanks for all of your contributions to our LIB 290 class this semester, Carol!Meghan Webb
Carolyn McCallumCarolyn assisted the EDI committee during our annual picnic. Thank you so much!Renee Berry
Chris BurrisThanks for helping with the marketing for Wake the Library!Barry Davis
Cindy ShultzAt around midnight on April 19th, Cindy Shultz, our library Security person, called in a facilities issue to the “secret facilities number” to report that there was water on Reynolds 7 and Reynolds 6 on the east side of the building. The water was coming so fast and furious that, had it not been reported until morning, it would have created a “catastrophic” flood. I’m so happy that Cindy is on the ball!Mary Beth Lock
Claire Nyles SuerThanks to Claire for their help with getting batteries for the microphones in the Auditorium during the Wake Pride Panel on September 16!Christian Burris
Craig FanslerWhen I splattered hot salsa on 3 of my beloved books, I reached out to Craig to ask him how to fix it. Craig graciously said to bring the books in and that he would fix it. For an avid bibliophile like myself whose fermentation, preservation, and essential oil reference were impacted, it touched my heart and illustrated the generosity that Craig has in preserving all books. Thank you Craig!J. Denice Lewis
Craig FanslerCraig has really done it all, so far this semester! He has assisted with the creation of posters, exhibits, and flyers; created a special broadside for the Wilson Speaker Series; and worked closely with UNGC intern Nikki Dobbs and SCA Medford Curatorial Associate, Tsing Liu. Thanks, Craig.Tanya Zanish-Belcher
Daisha BunnDaisha helped SCA with many of its September events, including Homecoming and the Dr. Wilson Speaker Series–creating flyers and posters and boosting our social media messages. Thanks Daisha!Tanya Zanish-Belcher
David LinkAs a member of the Weather Team, David stepped up to keep the library open during weather situations this year. Thanks for the dedication, David!Mary Beth
David LinkThanks for all your help with Wake the Library!Barry Davis
Denice LewisYikes! An MA student actually needed some Engineering standards for their thesis project! Denice kindly accepted the handoff and got them what they needed much faster than if I tried it myself. Thanks Denice!Carol Cramer
Denice LewisDenice volunteered to work the new Graduate Student Kickoff Event at the Barn in Reynolda Village, where we saw over 100 new graduate students in 90 minutes! Even after she had just finished the three-day Engineering retreat!Hu Womack
Hu WomackHu graciously provided his services as ZSRasaurus to star in a promotional video for Wake The Library. Thanks again!Barry Davis
Hu WomackThanks for helping with the marketing for Wake the Library, as well as remembering the WTL flag!Barry Davis
Hu WomackHu scheduled an informal meeting to swap and share conference/presentation/publication ideas for 2022 back on January 25th. I listened and started submitted proposals to different conferences and in in most cases, submitted two proposals. Thus far, 6 out of 7 proposals for conference presentations and lightning talks have been selected. Thank you Hu for providing a collaborative and supportive environment! Your encouragement “Just try!” paid off!!!J. Denice Lewis
Hu Womack & Meghan WebbThanks to Meghan and Hu for sourcing some GREAT ZSR swag – not only is it all super cute and desirable, but more sustainable (yay – less plastic!).Morgan Ritchie-Baum
Jeff EllerJeff once again served on the Weather Team, to keep the library operating through sleet and snow. Thanks for your service, Jeff!Mary Beth
Joy GambillWhen we needed help with tours for the Alumni Admissions Forum at a terrible time on a Friday afternoon, Joy graciously stepped in and helped us out!Hu Womack
Kaeley McMahanWith salsa gate occurring and with me leaving to go to the ASEE conference, Kaeley accepted the charge of taking three of my beloved books which had been spatter with hot spicy salsa to Craig so that he could fix them. Thank you for being a transporter Kaeley!J. Denice Lewis
Kathy ShieldsKathy coordinated and monitored the compost bins for the student pizza party. Thank you Kathy!Rebecca May
Kevin GilbertsonOn Kevin’s day off, I emailed him to tell him that the ZSR Plagiarism Tutorial was not working. I had just assigned the tutorial to three online sections of LIB100, so I was in a bit of a panic. Within an hour, Kevin had it up and running. Kevin deserves to be named Dedicated Deacon King this month! Thank you, Kevin!!Joy Gambill
Kevin GilbertsonKevin created a custom floating table of contents for the new copyright page. It makes navigating between sections much easier. Thanks Kevin!Molly Keener
Kevin GilbertsonKevin not only created a way for us to easily display our pronouns right after our names on the ZSR Directory, he also wrote some extra code to make it as simple as possible for folks to edit their profiles, add photos, etc.! Thank you Kevin for making it easy on us!Claire Nyles Suer
Kristen MorganWhen I could not fix a mistake I made in a Workday Expense Report, both Kristen and Renee worked to help me solve the issue! Many thanks to you both!Hu Womack
Kylie BradleyThanks for all your help with Wake the Library!Barry Davis
Kylie BradleyKylie took the initiative to put numbers on all the lockers (85) in the Smart Locker system. This will make the job of filling the lockers much easier and reduce the chance for error. Thanks Kylie!James Harper
Mary Beth LockMary Beth tirelessly volunteers to assist in evening outreach events! Most recently that included a late night in ZSR for the Pre-orientation Camps Game Night in ZSR! Many thanks, Mary Beth!Hu Womack
Megan MulderMegan made sure to represent SCA for any visitors coming to the Research Room during Homecoming. She also coordinated our Bookmarks author visit the next week. Thanks Megan!Tanya Zanish-Belcher
Meghan WebbMeghan graciously spent her morning on the phone with Delta to reschedule our flights for LOEX! Thank you so much, Meghan!Elizabeth Ellis
Meghan WebbThanks for all your help with Wake the Library!Barry Davis
Molly KeenerMolly got ZSR included in AND THEN volunteered to work the new Graduate Student Kickoff Event at the Barn in Reynolda Village, where we saw over 100 new graduate students in 90 minutes!Hu Womack
Monesha Staton-FlukerThanks for all your help with Wake the Library!Barry Davis
Parker BeverlyParker was everywhere during Homecoming–hosting her film for attendees, conducting oral history interviews, and attending the Strings brunch. Thanks Parker!Tanya Zanish-Belcher
Peter RomanovPeter kindly helped me unload and return the little free library to ZSR after an event at Campus Gardens. Thanks again, Peter!Meghan Webb
Peter RomanovPeter heard a report from a student around midnight on April 19th, that there was water on Reynolds 7 and Reynolds 6 on the east side of the building. He tried the usual ways to reach out to Facilities, and when no one picked up, he asked Cindy Shultz to assist in calling the “Secret facilities number” to report it. Had the problem not been reported until morning, our Facilities folks say, it would have created a “catastrophic” flood. Thanks for taking care of business, and our building, Peter!Mary Beth Lock
Peter RomanovThanks for all your help with Wake the Library!Barry Davis
Peter RomanovPeter helped our evening student working on a shifting project! Thanks for keeping this project moving, Peter!Hu Womack
Rebecca MayThanks for helping with the marketing for Wake the Library!Barry Davis
Rebecca Petersen MayRebecca coordinated many of our Homecoming activities, hosting tables on Friday and Saturday, curating popup exhibits, and attending the Strings brunch (where she hosted our Strings exhibit and represented SCA). Thanks Rebecca!Tanya Zanish-Belcher
Rebecca Petersen MayShoutout to Rebecca for all her work in one day, October 6! She coordinated ZSR’s efforts for Hit the Bricks plus organized and hosted SCA’s Deacon Brews. Thank you!Tanya Zanish-Belcher
Renee BerryWhen I could not fix a mistake I made in a Workday Expense Report, both Kristen and Renee worked to help me solve the issue! Many thanks to you both!Hu Womack
Rodrigo CastroWhen one of the COM professors reached out to me regarding their long overdue items, Rodrigo resolved the issue in the blink of an eye! Many thanks!Hubert Womack
Rodrigo CastroThank you for reaching out Rodrigo and personally delivering the loaner chair to my office. I and my physical therapist appreciate that more than you know!J. Denice Lewis
Rodrigo CastroRodrigo quickly facilitated a Zoom for me to join an in-person meeting. Thanks for ensuring that I was able to take advantage of a hybrid option and didn’t miss out on the important information presented.Veronica Escamilla-Brady
Stephanie BennettThanks for all your help during the EDI cookout!Renee Berry
Stephanie BennettStephanie assisted with several Homecoming events, including setting up, moving furniture, and being generally available for helping. Thanks Stephanie!Tanya Zanish-Belcher
Tanya Zanish-BelcherWhen we needed a quick tour of Special Collections for the Alumni Admissions Forum at a terrible time on a Friday afternoon, Tanya graciously stepped in and helped us out!Hu Womack
Tanya Zanish-Belcher and Rebecca MayNo thanks to a flaw in DeaconSpace, I learned that my one-shot library class had been bumped from 204 with just one day to come up with another plan. Rebecca and Tanya came through with room 624, even though it meant moving their own meeting. Thanks SCA friends!
P.S. They have apparently fixed the problem with DeaconSpace.
Carol Cramer
Tara HauserAs a long time member of the Weather Team, Tara has once again served to keep the students happy and the building welcoming. Thanks Tara!Mary Beth
Thomas DowlingThanks for helping with the marketing for Wake the Library!Barry Davis
Thomas DowlingThomas simply is the bees knees! When hearing about my vision issues, he stepped in quickly to let me know different options as well as people who had the monitors to do a test run. Now that I have my new glasses it is on like the break of dawn! Thank you Thomas for being an information professional in a technical world!J. Denice Lewis
Tim MitchellThanks for always helping with my tech needs. You’re the best!!!Renee Berry
Tim MitchellTim very patiently figured out how to make my two monitors work again with my computer. He made my day and helped my entire work experience with his genius troubleshooting!! Thank you, Tim! It is an honor to work with you.Joy Gambill
Tim MitchellWhen the weather turns blustery, the Weather Team steps up, and Tim steps forward. Thanks for your service this year, Tim!Mary Beth
Tim MitchellWhat can I say about my Tim Tim? When I switched offices and when my last nerve was tried hooking up wires, an email to him and he was on it! He scheduled time to swing by my new office and “hooked a sista up”! Thank you Tim for being prompt and flexible!Denice Lewis
Tim MitchellTim helped clean up and haul items after the EDI cook out. Thank you Tim!Renee Berry
Tim MitchellTim helped me recreate a process I used several years ago (pre-pandemic) to create a shortcut file to webpages. Thank you so much for your help with this, Tim! This will be so helpful for myself and others 🙂Meghan Webb
Travis ManningWhen the Counseling Center needed an extra table for their spread during Wake The Library Travis was quick to grab one from storage. Thanks for that and all your help during WTL!Barry Davis
Travis ManningTravis went above and beyond helping triage the unexpected arrival of outreach giveaway items that have recently arrived on our doorstep! Many thanks, Travis!Hubert Womack
Travis ManningTravis helped clean up and haul items after the EDI cookout. Thank you so much!Renee Berry
Veronica Escamilla-BradyWhat can I say about the fierceness and absolutely terrifyingly efficient Veronica Escamilla-Brady??? Veronica truly worked it out for me and my various physical ailments. From knowing that Thomas and Tim were going to be on vacation at the same time and forwarding that information so that I could make a quick decision if necessary for purchasing a new monitor to obtaining a loaner chair after hearing about me being in physical therapy . . . Veronica will “do the darn thing” and get ‘er done by completing the task, finding alternatives, and bringing in the completion in record time. You are ab-so-lute-ly marvelous in my books Veronica! I owe you some homemade granola, jelly/jam/marmalade, hummus, . . . just let me know!J. Denice Lewis
Will ClarkeOur scan station was not functioning correctly and wouldn’t send emailed scans during our most stressful time of the semester. Will looked worked the problem in his usual fashion to get it working again. Thanks Will! The breakdown couldn’t have happened at a worse time, and the fix was very welcome!Mary Beth Lock
Will ClarkeWhen I discovered that 15 ETDs from our May graduates were missing from our local collection, I alerted Barry. After he discovered the issue, Will helped Barry get the missing ETD files into WakeSpace. Thanks Will!Molly Keener