During November 2022

Inside ZSR

Charleston Conference: Roz’s Notes

The Charleston Conference is one of my favorites, and this year it was back to more of it’s normal self after a hybrid year in 2021 that left much to be desired. Others from ZSR attended, so I’ll keep my notes to a few key themes I heard bubble up. Charleston is the best conference... more

Steve at Core Forum 2022

I attended the first ever Core Forum from October 13th to 15th in Salt Lake City. The Core Forum is a successor to the LITA Forum (LITA merged with ALCTS and LLAMA to form Core back in 2020), so this whole Forum business was a new one on me. It was an enjoyable experience and... more

Check Out Our Dedicated Deacons!

The Dedicated Deacon recognition program is a long-standing tradition at ZSR. It provides an opportunity for colleagues to recognize one another for going above and beyond the course of their normal responsibilities. Below are 75 Dedicated Deacons given since February 24, 2022 (alphabetical by first name, not chronological). Many thanks and congratulations to our colleagues... more

Morgan @ Beyond the Numbers

From November 8th through November 10th I had the great pleasure of experiencing Beyond the Numbers (BTN), the annual conference hosted by the Research Division of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. This was my first Beyond the Numbers and I hope it won’t be my last – it was wonderful! The conference is... more

Exploring Writing Opportunities

During our time on the Faculty Mentoring Committee, a common area of interest we receive from mentees are mentoring opportunities regarding writing and publishing. This has prompted the committee (Craig Fansler, Melde Rutledge and Summer Krstevska) to share about our writing experiences via newsletters, journals, books, and blogs and how they came about. We hope... more