Current Committees & Officer Appointments

Assembly Officers

  • Chair – Dean of the Library (permanent appointment)
  • Secretary – J. Denice Lewis (through June 2023)
  • Members-at-Large – Elizabeth Ellis (through June 2023) and Morgan Ritchie-Baum (through June 2024)

Assembly Committees

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee includes the officers (above), the “designated” Associate Dean and the Chairs of the Mentoring, Governance and Peer Review Committees.

Elections Committee

The Elections Committee consists of the Secretary and Members-at-Large, with other members called on an ad hoc basis as necessary to avoid conflicts of interest.

Governance Committee

  • Stephanie Bennett (through June 2023)
  • Ashelee Gerald Hill (through June 2024)
  • Rodrigo Castro (through June 2024)

Mentoring Committee

  • Summer Krstevska (through June 2023)
  • Melde Rutledge, chair (through June 2023)
  • Craig Fansler (through June 2024)

Peer Review Committee

  • Joy Gambill (through June 2023)
  • Mary Beth Lock, ex-officio (permanent)
  • Carolyn McCallum (through June 2023)
  • Kaeley McMahan (through June 2023)
  • Alternate: Leslie McCall (through June 2023)
  • Carrie Johnston (through June 2024)
  • Kevin Gilbertson (through June 2024)

University & College Committees

Business Intelligence and Analytics (BIA) Community of Interest

  • Carol Cramer

CAT (Center for the Advancement of Teaching) Committee

  • Denice Lewis (through June 2023)

Committee on Academic Freedom and Responsibility (Senate Committee)

  • Carolyn McCallum (through June 2022)
  • Molly Keener (through June 2023)

Committee on Academic Planning

  • Roz Tedford

Committee on Advising

  • Kathy Shields

Committee on Information Technology (CIT)

  • Appointed member: Thomas Dowling
  • Elected member: Kyle Denlinger (through June 2023)

Committee on Online Education Coordination and Compliance

  • Kyle Denlinger

Committee on Undergraduate Orientation

  • Meghan Webb

Council on Inclusion and Diversity

  • Chris Burris
  • Hu Womack

Curriculum and Academic Planning for School of Divinity

  • Kaeley McMahan

Dean’s Initiative Steering Committee

  • Kaeley McMahan

Faculty Senate

  • Jeff Eller (through March 2025)
  • Amanda Kaufman (through March 2026)

Global Advisory Council

  • Lauren Corbett

Grievance Committee (Senate Committee)

  • Stephanie Bennett, member (through April 2025)
  • Leslie McCall, alternate

Information Technology Executive Committee (ITEC)

  • Tim Pyatt (permanent)

Institutional Review Board

  • Thomas Dowling

LIAISE (Linked Integrative Attention to International Student Experience)

  • Hu Womack

Library Planning Committee

This committee advises ZSR on planning and policy issues. It consists of faculty representatives from each Division of the College, the School of Business, the Divinity School, and students from both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Research Advisory Council

  • Heather Barnes

SACS COC QEP Advisory Councils

  • Global AWAKEnings: Kyle Denlinger
  • Global Villages Advisory Council: Hu Womack
  • Connect@Wake Advisory Council: Joy Gambill
  • Global Laureates Academy Advisory Council: Lauren Corbett