Strategic Priorities, 2012-2014

Z Smith Reynolds Library’s previous strategic plan was put in place in 2007, in conjunction with the Wake Forest strategic plan. By 2011, all viable components of the plan had been accomplished. Our success in accomplishing this ambitious plan was affirmed when ZSR won the ACRL Excellence in Academic Libraries award for 2011.

The 2011-2012 academic year brought change to Wake Forest as Provost Jill Tiefenthaler left and the search for her successor took place. Rather than mark time as we waited for a new Provost to arrive, we believed that it was important to continue to move forward. As the University prepares to embark on a new Capital Campaign, we realize the importance of continuing to position the Library to lead the transformational changes that are happening in higher education today.

We began our effort to identify new strategic priorities at a library-wide retreat in January 2012. Together, ZSR Library faculty and staff identified 5 meaningful “Big Ideas” that formed the basis of the priorities we undertook over the next two years. These were in addition to our Space Renovation 5-Year Plan which was already underway, and the subsequent addition of priorities for the Library’s instruction program. In addition, a suggestion to create a ZSR Library Values Statement emerged in discussions following the retreat. Small groups of volunteers were formed to develop each idea and to craft a values statement. Each working group crafted a report that formed the basis for the priorities presented here.

For each strategic priority, we presented a statement of importance, action items, and timeframes. Follow the links in the menu at right or download the full report.

As 2014 comes to a close, most action items have been completed as noted on each of the individual “Big Idea” pages.