Primary Sources for Women

Alderman, Jacob Oliver (1862-1953)
Papers, 1884-1976.  Includes funeral sermons for women; a photographs of Alderman and Mary Jackson, ca. 1940s; correspondence with Sarah Hudson; and a photographs of Viola (Mrs. Benjamin Eli) Alderman Barrett.  MS 282

Allen, Judson Boyce (1932-1985)
Papers, 1941-1985.  Includes correspondence with his wife, Jacqueline Allen and Rosalind Allen, 1954-1978; and with other women in the English literature field.  MS 234

Angelou, Maya (1928-2014)
Maya Angelou Film and Theater Collection.  Contains materials of Maya Angelou;s work in the performing arts, 1961-2001.  MS 597

Baptist Children’s Homes of North Carolina-Odom Home, Pembroke (NC)
Collection, 1929-1979.  Contains materials of Miss Mary Livermore, 1929-1945, undated.  MS 315

Baptist Nursing Fellowship (North Carolina)
Records, 1983-1986.  Historical materials collected by Dr. Ellen Tabor from the organization of the Fellowship in 1983, including minutes, notes,  correspondence (copies), brochures, annual meeting programs, articles of incorporation, and the newsletter, the Lamplighter.  MS 345

Baptist Women in Ministry in North Carolina
Records, 1984-2013.  Historical materials including committee meeting minutes and correspondence, convocation programs, financial records, and printed materials such as newsletters and brochures. It also includes historical information about the group, as well as photographs and newspaper clippings. MS 659

Barnes, William Wright (1993-1960)
Papers, 1897-1959. Baptist theologian.  His papers contain letters from family members, including his mother, Nettie Barnes, Elm City (NC), ca. 1902-1942, undated.  MS 170

Battle, John Thomas Johnson (1859-1940)
Papers, 1890-1940.  Contains correspondence of Miss Caramia Scarborough, 1940-1942, undated. MS 170

Beckwith, Exum Green (1860-1892)
Photograph album, ca. 1878-1882.  Contains photographs of Mrs. J.J. Rogers, Maggie Nutt (Mrs. David Wells) Herring and Mrs. Alfred Burt.  MS 200

Black, Charles Spurgeon (1895-1972)
Papers, 1912-1972.  Contains correspondence of his wife, Inez Black, 1929-1965; his sister Helen Backer, 1940-1964; Elaine Keigh, 1928-1929; and Mrs. W.C Keith, 1924-1929.  MS 227

Bessent Family, Davie Co. (NC)
Collection, ca. 1861-cq. 1884.  Tintype of Rebecca Click Bessent and Sarah A. Bessent Miller.  MS 323

Blankenship Family.
Papers, 1951-1954.  Educational/evangelistic workers in Brazil.  This collection consists of mimeographed and typescript letters addressed to “Dear Friends” and record the missionary activities of Adiran Emory Blankenship and his wife, Marie Hall Blankenship.  MS 400

Bostick, George Pleasant (1858-1926)
Papers, 1885-1941, undated.  The Bosticks were Southern Baptists Conference (SBC) missionaries to China.  This collection contains a photograph of Mary Thornton Bostick, 1888; and a photograph of Bostick family members with some Chinese individuals, ca. 1905.  MS 287

Bostick Family.
Papers, 1889-1942.  Baptist missionaries in China.  Correspondence of Mary Thornton Bostick and Attie Teague Bostick with each other and with family members while serving as missionaries.  MS 29

Bree, Germaine (1907-2001)
Papers, 1972-1985.  Dr. Bree was the first Kenan Professor at Wake Forest College in the field of 20th century French literature.  Her papers include reprints of articles by Dr. Bree and other articles.  MS 387

Britt, Virginia Niblock
Papers, 1979-1986.  Rev. Ginny Britt was Executive Director of Crisis Control Ministry, Winston-Salem (NC).  Her papers consist of sermons, speeches, and articles relating to her work, a photograph, and biographical form.  MS 349

Britton Family
Papers, 1881-1955.  This collection contains Mrs. Nannie Sessoms Britton’s (1867-1955) diary (1888-1889) including her first trip to China as well as her journals (1938-1942) that were kept during her retirement in the United States.  {reference to passport on film?}  MS 25

Carlyle, Irving Edward (1896-1971)
Papers, 1923-1985.  This collection contains letters from Mrs. Furman K. Biggs, Sr., 1953-1959; his daughter, Mrs. Robert D. Byerly, Jr., 1954-1967; Mary Ross Flowers, 1952-1965; Barbara McIntyre, 1953-1967; Elizabeth S. Drake (Secretary, Wake Forest Board of Trustees), 1952-1963; and an article on the legal status of women and the law of domestic relations. MS 175

Cary, Mary Nelson (Mrs. George L.)
Account book, 1912-195; 1921-1932.  This account book contains accounts of E.R. Nelson, Treasurer of the Tar River Baptist Association, 1921-1932; and accounts of Mary Nelson Cary (Mrs. George T.O., Richmond, VA), 1912-1915, 1921-1932.  MS 389

Cates, James Wesley (1847-1918)
Papers, 1889-1920.  Burlington (NC) lumber dealer and civic leaders.  His papers contain correspondence with his niece, aunt, daughter-in-law, daughter, sister-in-law, and family correspondence from other women related to the Cates Family.  [names?]  MS 173

Choate Family, Alleghany Co. (NC)
Papers, 1857-1873.  This collection consists primarily of crrespondence between William Thomas Choate (1832-1864) and his wife, Martha Fender Choate (1836-1897) during William Choate’s service during the Civil War.  Her letters are about family and friends, sickness, deaths in the neighborhood and family, the running of their farm, care of their livestock and her desire for him to come home.  MS 71

Colburn, Mary Ellen
Papers, 1851; 1948. Letter to “Isa” from Raleigh, NC, February 8, 1851, containing family news with an accompanying letter providing biographical and genealogical information on Mary Ellen Colburn and familu, 1948.  MS 19

Cullom, Willis Richard (1867-1963)
Papers, 1891-1963.  Religion professor at Wake Forest College, 1896-1938.  Letters are from women correspondents engaged in religious activities; from wives of friends and alumni, and family members.  MS 26

Dalton Family, Stokes Co. (NC)
Papers, 1789-1898.  Contains the family letters of Margaret Melissa Rives Dalton, Nary E. (Mrs. A. Gaston) Headon, and Agnes E. Brooks; a Salem Academy commencement invitation, 1880; a notebook of Georgia A. Dalton, ca. 1885-1887 while at St. Luke’s Hospital (Bethlehem, PA); and photographs of Melissa Rives Dalton.  MS 215

Daniel, Walter Eugene (1859-1932)
Papers, 1878-ca. 1881. Contains a photograph of Emma James Purefoy Poteat.  MS 4

Davis, Egbert Lawrence, Jr.
Petition, ca. 1933.  Petition signed by David and Addison Hewlitt, Jr. to Dr. Thurmond D. Kitchen re: allowing classmates Miss Euphemia Bryan and Miss Mary Malone Best to graduate from Wake Forest College in June, 1933.  MS 383

Deane, Charles Bennett (1898-1969)
Papers, 1919-1970.  U.S. Congressman.  Contains speeches made to Women’s Missionary Union and Society meetings, 1948-1962; and to “ladies nights” at various civic clubs.  MS 146

Duggan, James Reynolds and Jane Elizabeth Prichard
Papers, 1886-1889, 1929.  Chemistry professor at Wake Forest College.  Contains information on his marriage to Janie Prichard in 1887.  The bulk of the collection is condolences to Mrs. Duggan upon the death of her husband.  Ivy W. and brother Mel L. Duggan wrote extensively to Mrs. Duggan.  MS 318

Taylor Crittenden Family
Papers, 1840-1984.  Correspondence over several generations of women of the related Duggan-Prichard-Taylor families, including diaries and journals of Ethel Taylor Crittenden, education files for ETC and her two sisters, artwork, photographs, scrapbooks, poetry and other literary productions, and legal papers.  MS 283

Durham, Alvada Gunn
Papers, 1920-1926, 1984.  SBC missionary to China, 1920-1925.  These letters, 1920-1926 and 1984 were to the J.T. Holmes family, Farmville (NC) about her missionary activities.  There are photographs of Miss Gunn, other missionaries, co-workers, and Chinese in the collection.  MS 302

East Carolina University, Greenville (NC)
Baptist Student Union Records, 1928-1947, undated.  MS 135

Farmer, Foy Elizabeth Johnson Willingham (1887-1971)
Papers, 1898-1972.  Foreign missionary, trustee of Meredith College, Raleigh (NC) and a leader in the Woman’s Missionary Union.  Her papers consists of biographical information, memorials, diaries, Union files, letters of appreciation, a wedding book, journals, daybooks, prayers lists, photographs, photograph albums, correspondence, and curios from Japan.  MS 256

Foote, Evelyn P. (1930- )
Papers, 1930-2013.  Evelyn Patricia “Pat” Foote served as an officer in the United States Army for 30 years, rising to the rank of Brigadier General. Her career is marked by several “firsts” for female Army Officers, and she is considered an expert in issues affecting American women in military service. The Foote Papers consist primarily of correspondence, newsletters, speech notes, clippings, photographs, certificates, and official Army orders, reports, and personnel records.  MS 517

Garner, Stella Whellock (1887-   )
Papers, 1867, 1953-1963.  Photocopies concerning Mrs. Garner’s work with the Yadkin Co. (NC) prison camp where she started a Bible class.  The collection contains biographical information, letters of appreciation, church history, a funderal address, and other items.  MS 13

Gillespie, Arthur Samuel and Pauline Pittard
Papers, 1941-1952.  The Gillespies were Southern Baptist missionaries to China.  Their papers contain correspondence, photographs and an unpublished biography of Mr. Gillespie.  MS 288

Goldfinch, Sidney L. and Sarah Francis
Papers, 1926-1983.  The Goldfinches were Southern Baptist Convention missionaries to Uruguary, 1939-1944; Paraguay, 1945-1960; and Costa Rica, 1961-1981.  They retired to the Winston-Salem area where Reverend Goldfinch served interim pastorates.  These papers consists of materials relating to their education, an unpublished biography, their appointment and service as missionaries in South America, and letters to family, friends, other missionaries, and the SBC Foreign Mission Board.  MS 314

Gregory, Lizzie and Serepta
Letters, 1860-1868.  Photocopies of letters to their aunt, which were written while attening Chowan Baptist Female Institute, Murfreesboro (NC).  The letters contain descriptions of college studies as well as campus and community events.  Originals are in the John T. Gregory Papers, North Carolina State Department of Archives and History, Raleigh (NC).  MS 48

Hardaway, Anna Jane Hunter (d. 1941)
Papers, 1881-1883.  Student and music teach at Oxford Female Seminary, Oxford (NC).  Her papers consist of an autograph book, a commencement invitation and program, two diplomas from the seminary, photographs and a letter from her future husband. John Steger Hardaway (1852-1925).  MS 151

Harris, Mrs. James A.
Papers, 1955-1979, undated.  Correspondence, form letters, newspaper clippings and brochures relating to the preservation of the Calvin Jones House, Wake Forest (NC) and the Wake Forest Birthplace Society. MS 319

Hayes, Arnold E. and Helen Ford
Papers, 1842-1960.  The Hayes were Southern Baptist missionaries to Brazil. Their papers consist of correspondence, photographs and other information related to their service to Brazil and their education prior to the assignment. Early materials, 1842-1880s relate to their grandparents.  MS 310

Heck, Fannie Exile Scudder (1862-1915)
Papers, 1878-1924. First president of the Woman’s Missionary Union of NC, 1886-1915; president of WMU (Southern Baptist Convention), 1892-1899, 1906-1919; founder of the WMU Training School (now Carver School of Missions), Louisville (KY). Under her leadership the WMU adopted definite courses of mission study for women and young people. Her papers consist of biographical information, correspondence from WMU leaders throughout the Southern Baptist Convention, newspaper and magazine clippings on her activities as president of the SBC and NC WMU organizations, poems and other writings, presentations and speeches before WMU organizations, a scrapbook, and printed materials. MS 53

Hufham, Mary A. (Faison) (1836-1890)
Album and loose items, 1861-1940s? Album belong to Mary A. Hufham containing poetry, newspaper clippings, a photograph of Mary, obituaries of Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Hufham and Octavia Marable, and a tintype of Mary Hufham. MS 33

Johnson, Elbert Neil (1886-1969)
Papers, 1905-1969, undated. Baptist pastor. His papers contain correspondence of Foy Johnson Willingham, SBC missionary to Japan, 1912-1921; Frances Johnson, 1912-1977; and L. Meredith Johnson, 1955-1977; and phtographs of Frances Johnson, Nadine (Johnson) Downing and Sadie (Johnson) Mathews. MS 226

Johnson, Gerald White (1890-1980)
Papers, 1911-1981. Author. His papers contain correspondence with his sister Kate (Johnson) Parham, 1925-1979 and Lois Johnson (first Dean of Women, Wake Forest College), 1912-1975. Also included are family albums relating to the Duls, Howard and Johnson family. MS 211

Johnson, Mary Lynch
Papers, 1934-1981. Dr. Johnson was an alumnus of Meredith College, Raleigh (NC) and a long-time English professor at Meredith College. Her papers consist of biographical information, correspondence with her brother, Wingate Johnson and her cousing Gerald White Johnson, and a few articles. MS 317

King, Sarah Anne
Autograph book, ca. 1839-1868. 1 volume.  MS 63

Lanneau, Sophie Stephens (1880-1963)
Papers, 1907-1950. Southern Baptist missionary to Soochow, China, where she established Wei Ling Girls’ Academy and served as principal, teacher, dean, and treasurer. Her papers contain extensive correspondence with family and friends, writings, scrapbooks, photographs, books, artifacts and printed materials about her service as a missionary. MS 147

McCoy, Eliza (1823-1891)
Letter (typescript), 1844. MS 72

McCoy, May
Papers, 1932-1979. Photograph negatives of classes in the Oak Grove Baptist Church, Macon County (NC), a photograph of the church, a photograph of North China missionaries and three 1979 letters from the Foreign Mission Baord, SBC, Richmond (VA). MS 324

McNeill-Poteat Family, Caswell County (NC)
Papers, 1807-1888, undated. Contains letters from Ursula G. and Priscilla Norfleet, 1829-1847; Emma L. Williams, 1860-1861; Billie Lindsay, 1864; Lou Morton; and photographs of Mrs. Julia A. Poteat. MS 74

Marshall, William Furnifold (1861-1943)
Papers, 1879-1926. Contains a Greek exam of Eva Belle Simmons (first woman graduate of Wake Forest College) and a statement from Mrs. D. Leigh Colvern, President of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union of New York, undated. MS 382

Mercer, Isaac Morton (1857-1941)
Papers, 1860-1922. Baptist pastor. His collection contains diplomas of his daughters, Carolyn Morton Mercer (1934) and undated, and Susannah Swinton Mercer (1932) from Meredith College. MS 343

Meredith College, Raleigh (NC)
Oral history project, 1988-1989. This project, “An Oral History of Meredith College Alumnae,” was completed by Jean Batten Cooper, in partial fulfillment of the Master of Arts degree requirements in Liberal Arts from Wake Forest University.  The records consist of coversheets describing the 24 interviewees and subjects covered, 24 interview cassettes, and a VHS videotape containing presentations by the interviewees as well as a 1988 Meredith College Alumni Association meeting.  Also included is a reproduction of a slide show. MS 420

Mills, Martha W.
Document, 1865. Confederate States of America (C.S.A.) tax-in-kind form, January 26, 1865.

North Carolina Baptist Nursing Fellowship
Papers, 1983-1986. Papers collected by Dr. Ellen Tabor from the organization of the North Baptist Nursing Fellowship, including photocopies of correspondence, reports, minutes, agendas, newsletters, and other materials. MS 346

Oates, John Alexander (1870-1958)
Papers, 1771-1970. Lawyer, state legislator, newspaper editor in Fayetteville (NC). His papers contain correspondence of his wife Isabelle Oates Lindley, 1959-1967 and her mother Mary Ashford Oates, 1863-1925; and the diploma of his mother, Mary Jewel Ashford from Clinton (NC) Female Institute, 1863. MS 144

Owen, Jesse Coleman and Rebecca
Papers, 1900-1955. Southern Baptist missionaries to China. Their papers consist of biographical information, correspondence, family papers, literary productions, photographs and photograph albums, including materials of Mrs. Owen while a Presbyterian missionary in China.  MS 284

Oxford Female Seminary, Oxford (NC)
Records, 1884-1925.  The collection contains gradebooks , 1897-1925; photographs of the school buildings and faculty; their annual, The Phoenix, 1907, 1910, 1913; and a photograph of an 1884 report card. MS 83

Paschal, George Washington (1869-1956)
Papers, 1863-1980. Professor of Greek at Wake Forest College, editor and writer, and Baptist historian. His papers contain correspondence from Emma Jessica L. Bobbitt, 1940-1950; Mary Lassiter Brown, 1938-1948; F. Catherine Bryan, 1940-1943; Catherine Vernon Carpenter, 1940-1946; Ethel Taylor Crittenden, 1944-1949; Edith Earnshaw, n.d.; Adelaide L. Fried, 1942-1949; Maude Cavaness, 1943-1949; Flieda Johnson, 1942; Ruth Lupton, 1946-1956; Catherine Paschal, 1948-1956; Laura Allen Paschal, 1936-1949; Mary Paschal, 1944; Mary Matilda Paschal, 1923-1951; Mary Martin Paschal (Lee), 1943-1954; Rosa Catherine Paschal, 1948; Sulus Hele Paschal, n.d.; and Mrs. Fred (Vera) Sykes, n.d.  MS 86

Paschal, George Washington, Jr.
Papers, 1929-1982. Physician and surgeon. His papers contain family correspondence with Catherine Anne Paschal, Helen Ruth Paschal, his mother, Laura Allen Pascal, 1931-1938; Laura Helen Paschal, Mary Paschal (aunt), Mary Paschal (sister), and Ruth Paschal. His Wake Forest College correspondence contains letters of Mrs. William Upchurch.  MS 377

Pittman, Thomas Merritt (1857-1932)
Papers. This collection contains the papers of Elizabeth Briggs, Junior Leader for the Baptist 75 Million Campaign in North Carolina, 1919. There are two letters, a form letter, and a notebook containing entries by Briggs.  MS 87

Poteat, William Louis (1856-1938)
Papers, 1837-1938.  President of Wake Forest College and biologist. His correspondence contains letters from Mary S. Covington, 1928-1929; Ethel Taylor Crittenden, 1922-1937; Flora David, 1929; Harriett B. Dixon, 1903-1937; Francis Doak, 1927-1934; Anna D. Graham, 1933; Carry Pell Gunter, 1928; Mabel L. Haines, 1929; Lucille H. Hobgood, 1933; Sylvia Kaplan, 1931; Louise S. Lanneau, 1896-1908; Mary Lanneau, 1933-1937; Sophie Stephens Lanneau, 1915-1938; Esther Everett Lape, 1928-1934; Ivey F. Lewis, 1932-1937; Nell Battle Lewis, 1928-1936; Juanita McDougold, 1921; Lizbeth Parrott, 1929-1932; Rosa Paschal, 1906-1922; Alice Aycock Poe, 1932; Emma J. Purefoy, 1878-1881; Eva Belle Simmons, 1897; Susan D. Tew, 1930-1931; and Isabelle Poteat Turner, 1937. The subject files contain condolences to Mrs. W.L. Poteat, Mrs. Helen Poteat Stallings, and Mrs. Wheeler (Louie Poteat) Martin, 1938. His family papers contain correspondence from Emma James Purefoy (1859-1937), 1881-1936; Ella Poteat, 1906; Ida Poteat (1858-1940), 1876-1937; Mrs. Julia A. Poteat (1833-1910); clippings and estate papers, 1905-1914; Mrs. Helen Purefoy Poteat Stallings (1896-   ), 1903-1937, unfated; and Mrs. Louie Poteat Martin (1889-   ), 1897-1937 and undated. MS 91

Poteat-Gunter Family
Scrapbooks, 1938-1958, undated. Scrapbook contains photographs, clippings, and loose items relating to the Poteat and Gunter families, including Ida Purefoy Poteat (Mrs. E.D. Gunter), Ruth Isabella Poteat (Mrs. Leslie L. Bender), and Lilie Mae Poteat. MS 23

Purefoy, James Simpson (1813-1889)
Papers, 1837-1888. Baptist pastor and treasurer of the North Carolina Baptist State Convention. His papers contain correspondence with Isabella Purefoy, 1843; and Martha A. Wright, 1849; a Confederate States of American (C.S.A.) pass for Emma L. Purefoy to visit Raleigh, 1864; and Emma L. Purefoy’s album, 1856-1858. MS 93

Redwine Family, Forsyth County (NC)
Papers, 1865, 1916-1979. Richard Kerr Redwine (1888-1979) was a Baptist pastor in North Carolina. His wife, Beatrice B. Redwine was an early field worker for the Woman’s Missionary Union of the Southern Baptist Convention, whose work was primarily in the southeastern United States prior to her marriage and subsequent move to North Carolina. Thereafter, she continued her activities with the state WMU and her local church. The collection consists of family and professional correspondence, photographs, and legal and financial records. Mrs. Redwine’s papers relate to her work with the Woman’s Missionary Union in various Southern states. MS 182

Scales, James Ralph
Papers. President of Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem (NC), 1967-1983. His correspondence includes letters from Ruth (Mrs. Jack) Beadles, 1963-1964; Berle E. Clotfelter, 1963-1980; Helen Scales (Dillard) Cox, 1952-1984; Theresa Cacus; Rhetta May Darland; Blance (Mrs. E.L. David), 1955-1977; Marie Earle, 1960-1961; Mary Lou Farris, 1963; Patsy Freemen, 1959; Mrs. Donal Gillstrap, 1961-1963; Sharon F. Gregg, 1982; Alice Hamm, 1957-1966; Carrie Hill, undated; Madge Horton, 1962; Shirley Hughes, 1961; Earline King; Mrs. Ann Scales Kuhl, 1950-1961; Nancy Lewis, 1966; Carolyn Lovelady, 1959-1963; Doris Combs McGuire, 1959; Patricia McNaughton, 1950-1961; Barbara Mahan, 1957; Diana Mann, 1958-1978; Charles and Anne Martini, 1961-1965; Mrs. Paul E. Miller, 1964-1967; Mrs. Forest Newcomer, 1967-1976; Anne Padron, 1981; Ruth (Mrs. Ernest) Phillips, 1950-1951; Catherine Rader, 1950-1966; Ruth (Mrs. Zoe) Randel, 1973; Mrs. John W. Rapp, 1967; Will J. and Marie Roberts, 1965; Porter and Betty Routh, 1943-1980; Mrs. Roy Scott, 1963; John and Peggy Scales, 1954-1966; Eunice Short, 1966; Mrs. Ralph Smith, 1960; Ruth Stegall, 1951-1964; Mary Jane Tabor, 1961; Mary S. Topping, 1961-1965; Grace Towry (Mrs. John W.), 1962-1965; Catharine Walsh, 1960-1963; Linda Beth Weaver, 1966-1967; Juanita Williams; and Jeanne Adams Wray, 1971-1982. Family files contain Laura Elizabeth Scales Awards, 1964-1979; Ann Scales drawings, and while at Harvard, 1978-1981; Betty Ann Scales (wife), 1927-1981; and files relating to his mother Katie (Mrs. John Grover Scales, 1932-1984). MS 311

Scales, Laura Elizabeth (1949-1969)
Papers, 1967-1976. Daughter of Dr. and Mrs. James Ralph Scales. These papers related to her illness and death and contain letters of condolence, information on various contributions in her memory and the records of the Laura Scales Foundation. MS 274

Sedgewick Female Seminary, Raleigh (NC)
Circular. This printed circular contains information and tuition charges for the seminary, April 10, 1850.

Smith, Margaret Supplee
Papers, 1981-2014. Margaret “Peggy” Smith was a professor of Art at Wake Forest University. Her papers include biographical materials, professional files, and manuscript materials for her books. MS 395

Stephenson, Gilbert Thomas (1884-1972)
Papers, 1879-1972. Lawyer. This collection contains an autobiography of Grace White Stephenson. MS 160

Stephens, Blanche Bullock (Mrs. J.G.)
Papers, 1943-1969. Woman’s Missionary Union leader. Mrs. Stephen’s papers consist of history sketches, pamphlets and clippings relating to the history and activities of the Robeson (NC) Baptist Association and Woman’s Missionary Union. MS 132

Stevens, Herman Thomas (1880-1978)
Papers, 1911-1975. Baptist pastor. His papers contain family information and correspondence on Nancy Ruth Flowers, Grace Stevens, and his second wife, Mary Warren Stevens. MS 260

Stratford Club, Wake Forest (NC)
Records, 1915-1953. 1 volume. Minute book of a club of leading ladies of Wake Forest (NC). MS 239

Taylor, Charles Elisha (1842-1916)
Papers, 1863-1913. Family correspondence includes letters to Mary Pritchard Taylor, 1884-1904; to “sisters,” 1864, 1895-1898l Aunt Janies, Ethel Taylor Crittenden, and Mrs. M.W. Dickinson. There are also family photographs and a photograph of Mary P. Taylor and classmates, Pratt Institute, with Long Feather, 1909.  MS 111

Thomas, Mildred Frances (1911-   )
Papers, 1981, undated. Ms. Thomas, born in Holly Ridge (NC) was a librarian and special projects missionary to Baptist seminaries in Asia. Her papers consist of a photograph, “A Sojourn in Asia,” and a publication on church organ methods. MS 304

Wait, Samuel (1789-1867) and Sarah
Papers, 1813-1975. President of Wake Forest College. His papers contain correspondence from Catherine Armstrong, 1853; Catherine P. Battle, 1857-1861; Ann Eliza Bernard, 1853; Ann Eliza Brewer, 1852-1856; Jennie Louis Brewer, 1896; Betsy Burrington, 1822; Harriett (Mrs. Ira) Chase, 1823-1826; Ann H. Dowd, 1839; Martha A. Dowd, 1856; Sarah DuPre, 1835; Betsy Fisher, 1816, 1823; Miss V.A. Fuller, 1858; Mrs. M.A.C. Gaines, 1844; Mrs. F.P. Hooper, 1846; Lizzie Lindeman, 1842-1843; Georgia (Mrs. Thomas) Meredith, 1854; Cynthia C. Merriam, 1819-1857; Louisa (Mrs. Abel) Merriam, 1849-1850; Lydia G. Merriam, 1818-1819; Mary Merriam, 1820-1837; Sarah Merriam, 1813-1838; Mary B. Owen, 1853; Cynthia Parsley, 1844; Catherine Peat, 1842; Lydia Merriam Powers, 1824; Harriet Reynolds, 1820-1825; Sophia Smith, 1842; Sallie Vail, 1853-1854; Ann Eliza Wait (1826-1900), 1827-1842; Jane A. Waite, 1856; Sally Merriam Wait, 1820-1858; Sally Waite, ca. 1842; Emily M. White, 1855; and Mary P. White, 1841-1855. Also a poem upon the death of Abigale Farrington, 1913; student receipts from Oxford Female College, 1837; and a Chowan Baptist Female Institute commencement invitation, 1896.  MS 117

Walters, Doris L. (1931-  )
Papers, 1931-1998. The Doris L. Walters Papers consist of correspondence, printed materials, clippings, writings, memorabilia, photographs, and artificats from Japan. These materials document Walter’s education, career as a missionary, relationships with Japanese friends, counseling career, and other personal interests. MS 558

Watkins, Joseph Conrad, Jr.
Papers, 1897-1925. Diploma of his mother, Irene Montague from Salem Female Academy, Salem (NC), 1898. MS 289

White, Ransom Kelly (1893-1979)
Papers, 1876-1968. Includes correspondence of his wife, Vester Benthall White; his mother, Mrs. R.K. White; and files on Belmont College, Nashville (TN) (formerly Ward-Belmont, a school for women). MS 245

Woodburn Family, Rockingham County (NC)
Papers, 1851, 1865. Includes copies of letters from Mrs. Jane A. Woodburn to her husband, Thomas Mc. Woodburn, in camp at Raleigh (NC) with Company B, 2nd Regiment, North Carolina Home Guards, March, 1865. MS 125

Womans College, Greensboro (NC)
Baptist Student Union Scrapbooks, 1926-1938. 4 volumes. MS 169

Woman’s Missionary Union of North Carolina
Records, 1874-2003.  Records consist of administrative and personal materials relating to the history of the organization and its staff from 1882 to 2003. It also documents the lives of North Carolina missionaries supported by the Woman’s Missionary Union during their assignments worldwide. MS 609

Wyatt, William Luther (1894-1976)
Collection, 1903-1906. Contains a photograph of Mabel Kelly, Martha Endor (?), Ella Brady, Mary Timberlake, Florence Hall and Francis Covington, and another photograph of an unidentified female. MS 218

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