Tobacco Resources

Primary Sources in Special Collections & Archives

Selected Secondary Resources

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  • Carver, Jonathan. A Treatise on the Culture of the Tobacco Plant: With the Manner in which it is usually Cured. Adapted to Northern Climates, and Designed for the Use of the Landholders of Great-Britain. To which are prefixed, two plates of the plant and its flowers. London : The Author, Sold by J. Johnson, 1779. (SB273 C34)
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  • Meller, Henry James. Nicotiana : or, The smoker’s and Snuff-taker’s Companion: Containing the History of Tobacco: culture–medical qualities and the laws relative to its importation and manufacture : with an essay in its defence ; the whole … interspersed with original poetry and anecdotes. London : Effingham Wilson, 1833. (SB273 M5 1833)
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