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175th Anniversary Oral Histories

Ali Yaffa Oral History Interview

Ameen Faizi Oral History Interview

Ammar Idris Oral History Interview

Anran Ni Oral History Interview

Barbee Myers Oakes Video Interview and Transcript

Beth Hopkins Video Interview and Transcript

Byrd Barnette Tribble Audio Interview

Camille Russell Love Audio Interview

Christa Colyer Oral History Interview

Dalia Namak Oral History Interview

David Taylor Oral History Interview

Emily Goodman Oral History Interview

Eva Clontz Audio Interview

Fahim Gulamali Oral History and Interview

Genevieve Zhang Oral History Interview

Haris Shehzad Oral History Interview

Harsh Patolia Oral History Interview

History of Wake Forest University Oral Histories

Ian Taplin Oral History Interview

James Barefield Oral History Interview

Jane Huang Oral History Interview

Jenny Puckett Video Interview and Transcript

Jim Le Oral History Interview

Joe Clontz Audio Interview

Kline Harrison Oral History Interview

Larry West Oral History Interview

Leon Corbett Video Interview and Transcript

Maheen Hasnain Oral History Interview

Nailja Faizi Oral History Interview

Peter Kairoff Oral History Interview

Peter Siavelis Oral History Interview

Rakin Nasar Oral History Interview

Ran Chang Audio Interview

Raza Khan Oral History Interview

Robert Mills Audio Interview

Ross Griffith Audio Interview

Sandra Boyette Video Interview and Transcript

School of Divinity Inaugural Convocation

Shuchang Du Audio Interview

Steve Carracciolo Audio Interview

Suyash Keshari Audio Interview

Theater & Dance Season, 2018-2019

Tiffany Waddell: Wake at Work oral history

Tim Auman Video and Interview Transcript

Tom Phillips Audio Interview

University Archives Records Collection

Voices of Wake Forest

Wake at Work Oral Histories

William (Bill) G. Joyner, Jr. Audio Interview

University Records Collections

30 Years of Performing Arts: The Secrest Artists Series at Wake Forest University, 1983–2013

Administration and Planning. Student Health Services Records (RG39.34)

Casa Artom Scrapbook Collection

Deacon Experiences: COVID-19

Euzelian and Philomathesian Societies Debate Topics

Junior and Senior Student Theses Records (RG36)

Leadership and Service: The Making and Remaking of Alpha Phi Alpha, Third Edition (Gregory S. Parks)

Original Campus Collection

Publications. Other Student Publications Records (RG7.5)

School of Divinity. Academic and Student Life Records (RG46.4)

Student Life. Campus Kitchen Records (RG40.29)

Student Organizations. Afro-American Society Records (RG8.21)

Student Organizations, Challenge Series Records (RG8.3)

Student Organizations. Gay Straight Student Alliance Records (RG8.22)

Student Organizations. Pi Kappa Alpha Records (RG8.17)

Student Organizations. Rigel Society Records (RG8.7)

Student Organizations. Sigma Pi Alpha Records (RG8.8)

Student Organizations. Student Clubs Records (RG8.56)

Student Organizations. Student Government Records (RG8.19)

Student Organizations. Tassels and Mortar Board Records (RG8.9)

Student Organizations. Wake Forest Scientific Society Records (RG8.10)

University Archives Artifact Collection (RG14)

University Archives Audio Recordings

University Archives Photograph Collection (RG10.1)

University Archives Photograph Digital Collection

WFU Athletics Audio and Video Collection

Smith Reynolds Library. Reference and Instruction Department. LIB 100 Student Research Zines (RG5.10.1)


Collegiate Digest

Gladding, Samuel T. The History of Wake Forest University, vol. 6, 1983-2005. Winston-Salem, North Carolina: Wake Forest University, 2017.

History of Wake Forest Timeline

The Howler Yearbooks

Old Gold & Black Student Newspaper

Paschal, George Washington. History of Wake Forest College, vol. 1. Wake Forest, N.C: Wake Forest College, 1936.

Puckett, Jenny R. and Edwin Graves Wilson. Thine ancient days : a WFU history, 1818-1956.

Shaw, Bynum. The History of Wake Forest College, vol. IV, 1943-1967. Winston-Salem, N.C: Wake Forest University, 1989.

The Student literary magazine

The Wake Forest Student Index

Wake Forest Catalogues & Bulletins

Wake Forest Commencement Programs

Wake Forest Magazine

Wake Forest Traditions Council. The Little Black Book: The Evolution of a Demon Deacon.

WFU Website Archive

Wilson, Edwin Graves. The History of Wake Forest University, vol. V, 1967-1987. Winston, Salem, N.C: Wake Forest University, 2010.

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LGBTQ at Wake Forest

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