Euzelian and Philomathesian Literary Societies

Both the Philomathezian and Euzelian Literary societies were organized on February 14, 1835, shortly after the beginning of the second session of Wake Forest Institute. Over time the societies had rooms in College buildings, decorated with chairs that included the clubs’ Greek letters, banners, and books. Society members debated against and with each other. As of 2019, only the Euzelian Society is still in existence. Its mission is to “revive and sustain the intellectual culture of Wake Forest University by fostering a creative academic outlet for students.”

Manuscript collections

Arthur Raymond Gallimore Papers (MS41)

Sylvester Green Papers (MS157)

Charles Aurelius Smith Papers (MS538)

Edgar Stewart Coffey Collection (MS520)

George Washington Paschal Papers (MS86)

Gilbert Thomas Stephenson Papers (MS160)

Phillips Family (Stokes County, North Carolina) Papers (MS358)

Robert Burbage Campbell Papers (MS381)

Samuel and Sarah Wait Papers (MS117)

Record groups

Bursar’s Office. Elliott Brantly Earnshaw Records (RG17.3)

Deans Record Group, Dean of the College, Paul Escott, Senior Colloquium Essays and Information (RG4.1.10)

Literary Societies. Euzelian Society Records (RG6.2)

Literary Societies. Euzelian and Philomathesian Societies Records (RG6.3)

Literary Societies. Philomathesian Society Records (RG6.1)

University Archives Photograph Collection (RG10.1)

Vertical Files (Printed Materials) Collection (RG15)

Publications and blog posts

Adopt a Book: Philomathesian Society Banner

Euzelian and Philomathesian Societies Debate Topics

Keen, T. G. The times we live in: An address delivered before the Philomathesian and Euzelian Societies of Wake Forest College, N.C., June 13, 1860. LD5721 W541 P561 1800s

Old Gold & Black

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Paschal, George Washington. History of Wake Forest College, Volume III, 1905-1943. Wake Forest College, Wake Forest, NC, 1943.

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Wake Forest Magazine

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