Wake Forest Move to Winston-Salem


Academic Affairs Office. Vice President Lu Leake Records (RG22.2)

Alumni and Communications Development. Vice President for Alumni Activities and Public Relations. Charles Sylvester Green Records (RG3.12)

Bursar’s Office. Worth Hart Copeland Records (RG17.4)

Comptroller and Vice President. Robert G. Deyton Records (RG31.1)

Dean of the College. Daniel Bunyan Bryan Records (RG4.1.6)

George Washington Pascal, Jr. Papers (MS377)

Harold Wayland Tribble Papers (MS291)

Office of the President. Harold Wayland Tribble Records (RG1.10)

Office of Undergraduate Admissions Records (RG35)

President’s Office Record Group, James Ralph Scales (RG1.11)

President’s Office Record group, Thurman Delna Kitchen (RG1.9)


Marshall C. Kurfees Papers (MS443)

WF Faculty Collections

David L. Smiley Papers (MS572)

Irving E. Carlyle Papers (MS175)

John Allen Easley Papers (MS334)

Manuscript Collections

Charles Bennett Deane Papers (MS416)

Charles Jeter Jackson Papers (MS305)

Gerald White Johnson Papers (MS211)

H.G. Hudson Papers (MS531)

Record Groups

Alumni and Communications Development. Office of Communications and External Relations Records (RG3.10)

Buildings and Grounds Department. Reynolda Campus Records (RG28.3)

Miscellaneous Organizations Record Group, Wake Forest Foundation of Winston-Salem (RG13.15)

University Archives Photograph Collection (RG10.1)

University Plans and Blueprints (RG32)

University Relations Office Record Group, Foundation Relations (RG37.3)

Vertical Files (Printed Materials) Collection (RG15)

Digital Collections

“Building a Home for Wake Forest College in Winston-Salem, North Carolina,” by Jens Fredrick Larson

Lloyd Winchell Biebigheiser Collection

Original Campus Collection

University Archives Photograph Collection 


History of Wake Forest College, Volume I, 1834-1865

History of Wake Forest College, Volume II, 1865-1905

History of Wake Forest College, Volume III, 1905-1943

History of Wake Forest College, Volume IV, 1943-1967

History of Wake Forest University, Volume V, 1967-1983

History of Wake Forest University, Volume VI, 1983-2005

The Howler

Old Gold & Black

The Student

Forsyth County Public Library North Carolina Collection. “Truman visits Twin City,” August 29, 2013.

Wake Forest Magazine

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