Dr. Wilson Collections Donor Roll Call

A special and heartfelt thank you to all the donors who financially supported Special Collections & Archives in the care of Dr. Wilson’s papers:

Paul (John) and Betsy Bullock (Sigma Chi)

Barry and Margaret Clendenin

Jim and Judith Bunn (Sigma Chi)

Scott and Jenny Bunn

Stephen and Catherine Creech (Sigma Chi)

Jane and James Crosthwaite

Laura Elliott

Martin and Jane Erwin (Sigma Chi)

Major and Jane Harding (Sigma Chi)

Ashley and Wanny Hogewood (Sigma Chi)

Paul and Barbara Matthews (Sigma Chi)

Hayes and Gail McNeill

Craig and Karen Metz

Tommy and Ruby Morris (Sigma Chi)

Dickie and Jerome Newsome (Sigma Chi)

Fred and Jan Riley (Sigma Chi)

John and Marylynn Roberts (Sigma Chi)

Charles and Judith Rooks (Sigma Chi)

John and Lynda Wagster (Sigma Chi)

Curtis (Jocie) and Cathy Williams (Sigma Chi)

Larry and Zelma Williams (Sigma Chi)

George and Carol Williamson (Sigma Chi)

Ed and Emily Wilson

Frederick Wolf (Sigma Chi)

If you are interested in joining these donors in making a donation in Dr. Wilson’s name, please let us know at archives@wfu.edu!