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ZSR Library

Hours Today: 10AM - 6PM library hours

Subject Specialists

Art, Music, Theatre, & Dance
Kaeley McMahan / Ellen Daugman
Biology, Chemistry, Physics, & Other Sciences
Sarah Jeong / Mary Scanlon
Business & Economics
Mary Scanlon / Bob Hebert
Communication & Film Studies
Hu Womack / Rosalind Tedford
Education & Counseling
Kyle Denlinger
Government Documents
Rosalind Tedford / Meghan Webb
Kathy Shields / Rosalind Tedford
Languages & Linguistics
Carol Cramer
Latin American Studies
Kathy Shields / Meghan Webb
Literature & the Humanities
Ellen Daugman / Rosalind Tedford
James Harper / Ellen Daugman
Politics & International Affairs
Rosalind Tedford / Meghan Webb
Kathy Shields / Rosalind Tedford
Religion & Divinity
Kaeley McMahan
Hu Womack / Meghan Webb
Women's & Gender Studies
Hu Womack / Ellen Daugman

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If you have any questions, please contact us at 336-758-5475.