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Jeff at 2014 NC Serials Conference

On March 14, 2014 I attended the 23rd Annual North Carolina Serials Conference in Chapel Hill, having carpooled with Derrik, Chris, and Steve, and meeting Carol and Ellen there. In addition to these worthy colleagues I actually ran into someone whom I know from App State. This was my first un-orchestrated North Carolina librarian encounter.... more

Steve at 2014 North Carolina Serials Conference

I attended the 2014 North Carolina Serials Conference last week, with quite a crew from ZSR. Ellen has already discussed the all-conference sessions, so I think I’ll write a bit about the break-out sessions I attended. The update session on RDA had some bits of news that might be of interest to folks outside of... more

NC Serials Conference 2014 (Ellen D.)

I attended the 23rd annual North Carolina Serials conference in Chapel Hill on March 14, presented by the NCCU School of Library and Information Sciences. The keynote address, “Altmetrics: Finding Meaningful Needles in the Data Haystack,” was a fast-paced and informative presentation by David Crotty, Senior Editor at Oxford University Press. Arguing that we do... more

Steve at the 2010 North Carolina Serials Conference

On April 15, Derrik, Chris and I (along with Janet Malliett of Winston-Salem State, and formerly of PCL) drove to Chapel Hill to attend the 19th North Carolina Serials Conference at the Friday Center. The keynote address was delivered by Tim Rogers, Executive Director of NC LIVE. His address was called “Running in Packs: What... more

Steve at 2008 North Carolina Serials Conference

Sorry for the delay in posting this, but two weeks ago on April 10 and 11, I attended the North Carolina Serials Conference in Chapel Hill. The focus of the conference was primarily on personnel and employment issues. The Opening Keynote was delivered by Pamela Bluh of the University of Maryland, President of ALCTS (Association... more

Steve at NC Serials Conference

On March 29th and 30th, I attended the 16th North Carolina Serials Conference for the first time in three years. A few years ago, the registration fees jumped considerably from one year to the next, and the content did not seem strong enough to justify continuing to go. Thanks to a bit of prodding, I... more