During March 2008

Carolyn at NISO Forum on Next Generation Discovery: New Tools, Aging Standards

On March 27-28, 2008, I attended NISO‘s 2-day forum on Next Generation Discovery: New Tools, Aging Standards in Chapel Hill. Todd Carpenter, NISO’s Managing Director, began the conference by referencing discovery as being one of the primary reasons people visit libraries either in person or virtually and, that the standards and systems that are currently... more

Tufte on Analytical Design

Yesterday, I attended Edward Tufte‘s Presenting Data and Information, a one-day course on information design and display, in Raleigh. Tufte, a professor emeritus at Yale University, is a master of data presentation and information display; his books – Beautiful evidence, Visual explanations, Envisioning information, and The Visual display of quantitative information – are impressive and... more

Electronic Resources & Libraries Conference

Before I talk about the conference, I saw one idea on my vacation that might be worth stealing. This is the public library in Farmington, New Mexico. They have a wall section devoted to TV screens. Some show TV news and others display library events and tips (like how to place a hold). I saw... more


On thursday I went to Concord, NC to attend the North Carolina Association for Educational Communication & Technology conference. In the morning, I attended a session by the folks who do teachertube.com. The talk was interesting if only to hear a presentation about web 2.0 from the “school 2.0” perspective. The speaker (Jason Smith) talked... more