During October 2008

Funnest archive ever

Today after general sessions ended I headed north to Ohio State University to the Cartoon Research Library where a group of ASIS&T visitors was given a tour by the library’s founding curator Lucy Caswell. The archive contains over 250,000 original cartoons and focuses primarily on printed cartoon art. Lucy was kind enough to take our... more

Institutional repositories, Second life , tagging, & social networks

My apologies for posting a stream of consciousness list of topics but for the moment I have a good wifi signal 🙂 The second day of ASIS&T included a number of interesting presentations taht talked in broad strokes about many of the issues of current interest to lis realms. There was an interesting discussion on... more

ASIS&T 2008 – Ohio bound

I found myself back in Ohio on Sunday, attending the American Society for Information Science & Technology 2008 conference. Columbus shares some interesting features with Cincinnatti including pro sports arenas, a winding river, impressive 20th century american architecture, and wide one-way streets. Following the opening session, I went to a panel discussion on e-research and... more

Final Morning at LITA 2008

LITA goes until noon on Sunday, and since the only return direct flight to Greensboro after the close of the conference isn’t until 7:25 pm this evening (sigh), I’ll spend the time before the shuttle comes to take me to the airport to wrap up. This morning began at a breakfast of this year’s and... more

Lita 2008 – Open Access, Open Source, & Grid Storage

Today saw some interesting presentations. In the morning I went to a panel on institutional repositories which included a presentation by Tabatha Becker on the University of Colorado’s work in publishing an Undergraduate Research Journal using an open source platform. As we talk about libraries re-examining their roles it is interesting to see someone taking... more

Saturday: Presentation Day at LITA for Erik & Susan

Today was the day for our presentation of a case study of our facebook LIB100 class last spring. We had submitted a proposal to do this way back in December, even before the class had taken place (Caroline was a collaborator, we were sorry she couldn’t be with us, as she was an important part... more

Friday at LITA in Cincinnati

An early direct flight (who knew they still exist?) landed Erik and me in Cincinnati before breakfast. The trip began with a most interesting shuttle trip from the airport where the driver (who was about 80), immediately took us off the interstate onto a scenic mountainous, winding, trecherous road that followed the Ohio River on... more

LITA 2008 – Day 1

Lita 2008 started off with a interesting set of presentations on Friday. The opening keynote by Tim Spalding on LibraryThing contained an interesting lookat the data that LibraryThing is beginning to aggregate on books. Tim suggested that the use of a FRBResque model to link book editions along with user-supplied topical tags yields good prototypical... more

ONIX for Serials Webinar

On September 25, I took part in an hour-long webinar that detailed the new ONIX for Serials standard (ONIX is an abbreviation for ONline Information eXchange). It is a joint project developed by EDItEUR from the UK and the NISO from the United States, and is the latest in a series of standards to create... more

Open Access Day, 2008

Have you heard of open access? Do you know what it is? If you’re a clinician, do you think it has something to do with free clinic hours? Do you already know that it is a movement to change the often restrictive nature of scholarly publishing? Even if you do know about open access, there’s... more