During January 2024

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A Tale of Informal Peer Mentoring

When talking with Craig and Hu about unexpected mentoring (see our collaborative post here or Craig’s post about his unexpected reverse mentoring experience with his student assistants here), we discussed other ways we’ve been mentored and the topic of peer mentorship was brought up. I couldn’t help but think of Morgan and I’s relationship and... more

Student Assistants as Reverse Mentors

I am returning to our theme for Mentoring Month – unexpected and reinvigorating mentoring experiences. I have had the privilege of having Student Assistants in ZSR Library for almost 30 years. These experiences with these students left me dumbfounded, amazed and awed by these incredible individuals. Is this mentoring from the bottom up? I’ll share... more

Unexpected Mentoring: Three Reinvigorating Experiences

Overview January is National Mentoring Month, and the ZSR Librarians’ Assembly Mentoring Committee would like to share our own stories of unexpected mentoring along with some new resources in the collection on mentoring for both faculty and staff. Look for more mentoring-focused posts this month and more programming from the mentoring committee in the coming... more