By Sarah Jeong

Inside ZSR

Sarah “at” ALA Annual 2021

I have enjoyed reading everyone’s ALA posts, and do not wish to be repetitive about some of the same speakers I watched, so I will share a brief synopsis of my unique perspective and takeaways. The ALA Annual Virtual Conference’s featured speaker series on big societal and public health issues was particularly enlightening for me... more

Sarah at ALA Midwinter 2020

I attended my 6th ALA Midwinter Conference last weekend in Philly, and it was a jam-packed weekend with an ACRL Science & Technology Section (STS) business meeting, an ACRL STS Executive Committee meeting, a Hot Topics Discussion Group on research metrics, meetings with science publishers, and two networking events that I organized. Two candidates running... more

Sarah’s reflection on the NCLA Biennial Conference

STEM-LINC (STEM Librarianship in NC) has given STEM-enthusiast librarians from all types of libraries (academic, public, special, and K-12 libraries) a home organization to connect and provide leadership opportunities with the mission and vision  to inspire librarians to create programs that incorporate “STEM for Every NC Library” (from the STEM-LINC logo). STEM-LINC has proven to... more

Sarah returns to ALA Annual in DC

After 13 years of committee service to ACRL STS (Science & Technology Section), I was elected as ACRL STS Member-at-Large to represent approximately 1,200 ACRL STS members. So after four years of traveling to other science conferences, I returned to my 16th ALA Conference last June. Going to the ACRL STS Membership Breakfast felt like a... more

Denice and Sarah at Southeast Science Bootcamp

Southeast Science Bootcamps started 5 years ago at N.C. State University’s Hunt Library. Denice and Sarah attended the fourth Southeast Science Bootcamp from May 28th-31st at Vanderbilt University. We stayed in a student dormitory, which brought back college flashbacks of living without A/C. Sarah felt luxurious with an individual room with a slightly adjustable thermostat.... more

Sarah at the 2019 Empirical Librarians Conference

Last week, I drove to Virginia Commonwealth University Library to present at the Empirical Librarians Conference in Richmond, VA. When I first arrived at the conference, I was approached by a conference attendee who expressed gratitude for encouraging her to become a science librarian while she was a master’s student at UNCG. I was delighted... more

Sarah at ACS National Meeting in Boston

On August 20th, I traveled to Boston and navigated the Boston public transportation system to co-present with Kiyomi Deards, Science Librarian at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, on “Pre-and Post-Group Research Selection: Evolving Roles of Chemistry Librarians” at the American Chemical Society (ACS) Division of Chemical Information’s Chemistry Librarians of the Future Symposium. It was humbling... more

Sarah at the STELLA(!)@NC Unconference

After serving the last five months on the planning committee with fellow STEM librarian colleagues from Duke, UNC-Chapel Hill, & N.C. State, our hard work came to fruition on May 18th when around 40 STEM librarians and MLS students gathered together at UNC-Chapel Hill’s Davis Library for the STELLA(!) (Science, Technology & Engineering Library Leaders in... more

Sarah at the University of Pittsburgh Health Sciences Library

Over the last three days, I was immersed in a 20-credit MLA continuing education course on systematic reviews at the University of Pittsburgh Health Sciences Library with 26 other medical librarians and academic librarians from the West coast to the East coast. Although at first glance it may seem that the work of medical librarians... more

Sarah at NCLA

This year’s NCLA Biennial Conference was a positive and meaningful experience for me, especially since I have been involved in the first Executive Board of the newly formed STEM-Librarianship in NC (LINC) Round Table  as Secretary-Treasurer over the last year. Due to the efforts of a small but enthusiastic group from across the state, STEM librarians... more