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ASERL E-book Demonstration Day

On Wednesday, Sept. 23, I attended “E-book Demonstration Day,” an ASERL-sponsored web conference in which five different e-book vendors demonstrated their products and pricing models. ASERL is considering negotiating a deal (or deals) for members to get discounts for e-books, and held this Demonstration Day so that we could become more acquainted with the market.... more

Charleston Conference 2008

Lauren Corbett and Carol Cramer Hot topics: Weeding due to lack of space not only in the stacks but also in the storage facility (multiple people) Library workers need to focus more on adding value and meeting users needs, not just storing content (see notes from Derek Law below) Redundancy in library collections is going... more

Steve at 2008 NASIG Conference

From June 5 to 8, Chris and I attended the 2008 NASIG Conference in Phoenix, Arizona at the Tapatio Cliffs Resort, which sounds nice until you account for the fact that Arizona is a sun-blasted hellscape unfit for human habitation. Nevertheless, I attended a number of useful sessions at the conference. Highlights included: Real ERM... more