Institutional Repository

Carol at MSU LEETS, Part I

I spent last weekend in Starkville, Mississippi at the MSU LEETS conference. LEETS stands for Libraries eResource and Emerging Technologies Summit. The first day of the conference focused on electronic resources. Tim Collins from EBSCO Publishing emphasized the development of the EDS discovery service in his opening keynote. He worries more about the erosion of... more

Generating interest in your campus IR

Erik, Sarah J, Molly K, and Steve K (anyone else?) attended a web-based conference on marketing institutional repositories to the university. The two presenters were from CalPoly and discussed how their IR supported a wide range of resources including university archives, masters theses, and faculty publications. They covered a wide range of topics but by... more

SPARC-DR – It’s all about (meta)data and services

The morning session of the SPARC DR conference were very interesting. I was thoroughly enjoying the discussion of open access and the implications that access restrictions have on data by John Wilbanks when out of the blue he started talking about the semantic web (one of my favorite topics)! Wilbanks cited several examples of how... more

Institutional repositories, Second life , tagging, & social networks

My apologies for posting a stream of consciousness list of topics but for the moment I have a good wifi signal 🙂 The second day of ASIS&T included a number of interesting presentations taht talked in broad strokes about many of the issues of current interest to lis realms. There was an interesting discussion on... more