Inside ZSR

Carolyn, Meghan, and Steve at LAUNC-CH

On Monday, March 13th, Carolyn, Meghan and Steve drove to Chapel Hill to attend the one-day LAUNC-CH Conference. Steve was able to borrow the good car from Mimi, so they rode in relative comfort. The theme of the 2017 conference was “Human Centered Libraries: Crafting Value and Relevance,” and most of the presentations hewed pretty... more

Gretchen at Sakai 2011

June 14 – 16 I attended the Sakai Conference 2011 in Los Angeles, California to represent ZSR Library among the contingent from Wake Forest. I was joined by Jolie Tingen and Steven Wicker of the Instructional Technology Group, and Drew Ray, the Applications Administrator in IS responsible for Sakai. Sakai is an open source platform... more