Inside ZSR

Phoebe Kao, librarian from Tianjin, China, visits Preservation

Phoebe Kao holds one of the books she made July 11-12, 2008. On July 11-12, Phoebe Kao, a librarian from Tianjin International School in Tianjin, China (about 2 hours by train from Beijing) visited Craig Fansler and ZSR Preservation for two days of book repair training. Phoebe found out about Craig and the possibility of... more

NCPC Basic Book Repair Workshop at ECU

NCPC Basic Book Repair Workshop, ECU Jan 24-25, 2008 Laupus Medical Sciences Library, East Carolina University For two days, my colleague, Rachel Hoff and I, discussed and taught preservation concepts and treatments. It was two day-long Basic Book Repair Workshops sponsored by NCPC. Rachel and I have been teaching these workshops for several years both... more

Vicki at NCPC’s annual Conference

On Friday, Nov. 2nd, Sharon and I attended the annual conference of the North Carolina Preservation Consortium at the Friday Center in Chapel Hill. The topic of the conference was The Great Migration: Audio Preservation in the Digital Age. The keynote speakers addressed many aspects of preserving audio materials in a time that there are... more