#UNC Teaching and Learning with Technology Conference

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online teaching strategies

Demonstration: New Online Teaching Strategies: Bringing Theory to Life for More Effective Learning (Robert Brown, Nora Reynolds, Scott Brewster) Production office that creates online materials (learning objects), collaborating with faculty Whole staff that develops these learning objects Some students in the office, tell what’s dull and what’s not Want faculty to stay on top of... more

active learning in the library

Demonstration: Active Learning in the Library: The Library Is Not Just for Books Presenters: Cotina Jones, Phyllistine Poole, Julie Dornberger, Carl Leak, Chris Screen Instruction team includes both librarians and webmasters Realized a need for new types of library instruction Blackboard, active learning templates, gaming, and vodcasting Blackboard A place to house the projects Liked:... more

Intro to the UNC Teaching and Learning with Technology Conference

Opening Session Info (Frank Prochaska) Theme: Building Connections 8th UNC TLT conference largest yet, close to 500 registered attendees large number of private, community college, and K-12 folks here (in addition to UNC system folks) ed tech no longer an add-on, it’s a mission critical component for learning in 21st century Pointed out UNC Online... more