ALA – graffiti research and panel sessions

On Saturday I had the pleasure of coordinating a panel on cloud computing “Updates to cloud computing for library services” that built on the session from last year. This year we had speakers from a wide range of areas talk about cloud computing in the 2 hour session. Chris Tonjes from DC Public Library talked... more

Vufind updates

JP already talked about Vufind but I thought I would add in my notes from the Vufind talk today. Demian Katz (Villanova) took some time in the afternoon to talk about Vufind and its growing support for metadata standards other than MARC. The update centered on how Vufind had been re-tuned to be more agnostic... more

Vufind, day 2

Day 2 started with some presentations on using web services (Voyager WS for instance), using jQuery to delivery bookbag services, and approaches to integrating collections from multiple catalogs into a single vufind instance. Eric Morgan talked for a few moments about pulling quantitative data from bibliographic and full text information to enable post-discovery analysis of... more

Vufind, day 1

The Vufind 2.0 conference day 1 started off with an opening chat by Joe Lucia about the relationship between open source software, open access policies and open data initiatives. He connected these rather current ideas to more traditional notions of libraries (resource stewardship and service for example) and touched on the idea that current trends... more


Lots of stuff for day 2 of lita. I would be remiss if I did not mention the spectacular views that I saw during an early morning run 🙂 After the run, we started the day with David Weinberger who likes to talk about *my* favorite topic. Both Lauren and Susan have talked about David’s... more

code4lib 2009 – Vufind

This morning kicked off code4lib 2009 with a series of pre-conferences. Both Kevin and I attended the Vufind preconference session which included an overview of vufind, install exercise, and a q&a session on vufind features and issues. I documented lots of notes & tips on our Vufind project page in the library wiki and once... more