PDC Workshop: Managing Upward

When I saw the PDC posting for a seminar on “Managing Upward” I was attracted by the possibilities! In my position as Director of RITS, one of my most important responsibilities is to act as an advocate for my 14 team members and do my best to secure the resources they need to advance the... more

The Art of Feedback

Those of you who know me and love me might ask “Whatever could Susan hope to gain from a feedback workshop”? Well, actually, all of you know that I don’t particularly shy away from giving feedback, but that sometimes I might not be particularly artful in how I do it. I also, like many others,... more

TNT’s High Tech / Low Cost Solutions for Libraries

Yesterday Giz and I helped give a NCLA workshop hosted in a beautiful facility at Elon University. As an officer of NCLA’s Technology and Trends Roundtable, I helped pull together the group of speakers that also included Lynda Kellam and Amy Harris of UNC-G and Ed Hirst of Rowan Public Library (also an officer). The... more