During February 2007

WebWise Conference, Washington DC

I decided I’d rather not leave my truck in Greensboro in airport parking for a week. So, at 7:20 Tuesday morning Kathie dropped me off at the WS Transportation Center on Liberty Street. At 7:30, I boarded a PART bus for the Greensboro hub. It cost me $2. In Greensboro, I transferred to a bus,... more

Kilgour lecture – afternoon session – Jay Jordan

Jordan provided an overview of OCLC & the library/information industry. He mentioned Worldcat.org (84 million records in woldcat 1.x million holdings, talks clickthroughs – 67M in 2005, 85M in 2006). Jordan observes that Worldcat is about driving user back to library through access links. He reports on upcoming features – more content (articlefirst, gpo, eric,... more

Fred Kilgour Symposium – Michael Tiemann keynote

Michael Tiemann spoke as the keynote lecture during the 2007 Kilgour Symposium. He covered topics on open source sustainability and development principles and looked at how these forces work in industrial, educational, economic, and scholarship environments. Pointing to initiatives like Creative Commons, Open courseware systems, and what an ‘ownership society’ means in contrast to an... more