During July 2007

Inside ZSR

Gaming Symposium with Lynn

Forgive my belated post from Monday’s Gaming in Libraries Symposium. I’ve been traveling ever since with little time to stop and take note. I thought it went very well. It was probably the most enthusiastic group of conference-goers I’ve seen in a while. They asked lots and lots of questions after our talk, which Giz... more

The First Annual ALA Gaming Symposium

I am currently attending the 2007 ALA Gaming Symposium in Chicago! (Actually, it is at the Marriott near O’Hare) Since arriving Sunday morning, I’ve listened to a bevy of speakers, participated in a Wii tournament, and given a presentation with Lynn and Lori Critz from Georgia Tech, and there is still an entire day left... more

ASERL – New age of discovery

Wanda and Erik were in Decatur, GA on Thursday attending an ASERL institute on the new age of discovery. Karen Calhoun kicked things off with a presentation on the need to change library systems, bibliographic control, and user services to keep the library a relevant part of the research process. Some interesting links that she... more