During May 2008

Inside ZSR

Basic Serials Cataloging Workshop

On April 14 and 15, Linda Ziglar and I attended a workshop at PCL that addressed the basic elements of cataloging serial materials. Developed in 1999, it is sponsored by the Serials Cataloging Cooperative Training Program (SCCTP) as part of the Cooperative Online Serials Program (CONSER) and offered around the country several times each year.... more

NCLA RTSS Spring Workshop

Since Leslie has already done such a good job of summarizing the keynote address of the RTSS Spring Workshop, I will discuss the next most useful session I attended, “Next Generation Cataloging Standards: RDA + FRBR,” presented by Erin Stalberg, Head of Metadata and Cataloging at North Carolina State University. RDA, or Resource Description and... more

Center for Intellectual Property in the Digital Age: Conference, Day One

Pre Conference Seminar: 1:00pm to 4:00pm “The Public Domain and Fair Use” Lolly Gasaway Lolly Gasaway discussed the purpose of copyright laws, namely to promote learning to the public, and encourage authors to create new works. The US Constitution gives Congress “the power to promote the progress of science and useful arts, (aka anything worth... more

NCLA RTSS: UNC System Pilot Institutional Repository

Following Dr. Griffith’s keynote address, summarized by Leslie, I attended the concurrent session on the UNC System Pilot Institutional Repository (IR), which UNC-Greensboro hosts for Appalachian State University, East Carolina University, UNC-G, UNC-Pembroke, and UNC-Wilmington. Presenters were Eleanor Cook (ASU), Stephen Dew (UNC-G), Adina Riggins (UNC-W), and Rob Wolf (UNC-Pembroke). Their discussion included a history... more

NCLA RTSS Spring Workshop

RTSS 2008 – The Future of Bibliographic Control At NCLA’s Resources & Technical Services Section’s Spring workshop, held this year on May 22 in Raleigh, the keynote speaker was Jose-Marie Griffiths, Dean of the Library School at Chapel Hill, and also a member of a working group charged by the Library of Congress to: (1)... more

SAMM 08 – The Transformed Library

On May 8th I attended the SOLINET Annual meeting held this year for the first time at the quite beautiful and neatly tucked away Emory Conference Center. Michael Stephens the morning keynoter was a good opening act. He was certain to awaken the audience as it was a bit of a challenge to follow him... more

National Library Workers Day

What is National Library Workers Day? I confess that until this year, I was a little sketchy on this ‘holiday’. NLWD, according to ALA is “a day for library staff, users, administrators and Friends groups to recognize the valuable contributions made by all library workers.” NLWD was held April 15 this year in the middle... more

SAMM 2008

I attend the SOLINET Annual Membership Meeting each May mostly because I am a Board member and I am supposed to, but whenever I go I am pleasantly surprised at how strong the programming is and how glad I am I came. So while I’m at the airport waiting for my flight, I’ll share what... more

Tri-IT Meeting

Yesterday Giz, Kevin, and I went to UNCG to participate in the Spring Tri-IT Meeting. We went to present on “Situating Blogs and Wikis: The Value Added Proposition of the Library as Service Provider.” The meeting was a nice one. It was small enough that you could meet people, but big enough so that you... more

LOEX My Presentation and Final Thoughts

My presentation was scheduled for that most hated time….last slot, last day. I was sure it would be me and the two people who couldn’t get flights out until Sunday, but in actuality I had between 60 and 70 people attend and they were an enthusiastic and appreciative group. My topic was two-fold. First I... more