During January 2009

ALA Midwinter 2009, Denver, Lauren Corbett

ALA Midwinter 2009, Denver,Lauren Corbett CONTENTS Committee work for Association of Library Collections and Technical Services (ALCTS) division of ALA : oContinuing Resources Section (CRS) oBudget & Finance Committee (B&F) oAcquisitions Section (AS) Time in the exhibits to meet with vendors, foreign in particular Forum on WorldCat Records Transfer Policy and Guidelines Fulfilling CRS and... more

Sarah at ALA Midwinter

I arrived in Denver, CO on Friday afternoon.After I unloaded my luggage at the hotel, I had dinner with Susan, Lauren C., and a couple of our Elsevier reps.On my way to dinner, I was happy to find a Starbucks near my hotel. 🙂 On Saturday morning, I went to the ACRL-Science and Technology Section... more

Lauren P @ Midwinter

Whew! Midwinter was busy, productive, and good this go around! As you know I typically blog each event and pull the posts together into daily posts here. This time I quickly realized that I wouldn’t even have the time for that type of reporting, so I did daily posts over on my blog, and I’m... more

Wanda @ ALA

On Thursday I arrived to a beautiful warm and sunny Denver. Immediately I thought I had goofed by bringing bulky sweaters and boots, but Friday morning proved we right with 30 degree temperatures and snow flurries. ALA began for me with a BCALA continental breakfast, new board member orientation and an extremely lively board meeting... more

Susan’s Sunday at ALA Midwinter

A Cold Denver Night Scene Sunday was a day full of meetings, presentations and networking for me that ran from 7:30 am to 11:00 pm (way past my usual bedtime!). Neither of my committees met, so I had the flexibility to pick and choose how to structure my day. The day was cold with snow... more

Susan at ALA Midwinter: Day 2

Lawrence Argent’s “I See What You Mean,” at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver. This year I am on two committees and both met today. The first one started at 8 am, which wasn’t a problem since the 2 hours time difference had me wide awake by 4 am (MST). This was my new committee,... more

Susan at ALA Midwinter in Denver: Day1

Today has been a long one, full of travel, a symposium, a happy hour and a lovely dinner. It’s time for ALA Midwinter once again. This time it’s being held in Denver, one of my favorite cities to visit. The day started with an early flight, designed to get me here in time to attend... more

Preserving Oral Histories

Preserving Oral Histories Tim Mitchell and I attended a webinar presented by Solinet on January 15, 2009 entitled: Preserving Oral Histories. This workshop was a discussion about the primary issues of preserving oral histories. The activity of processing oral histories was covered first.The most important issue when processing is to prevent audio from being erased... more

Preserving Oral Histories

Yesterday Craig and I attended the online class “Preserving Oral Histories” offered through Solinet.The class provided information on preserving existing and future oral histories and what challenges involved with reformatting and digitizing projects. The instructor, Karen McClurken, started out my emphasizing the most obvious first; prevent your oral history from being erased. She then went... more

Erik and Roz attend PDC sponsored management class

Today, Roz and I attended a management class offered through the Professional Development Center titled “Moving from Boss to Coach.” The session provided an interesting overview of the perspectives typically associated with “bosses” versus “coaches” and discussed the utility of these perspectives in different environments. During the course, many of us got to share an... more