During February 2009

code4lib – standards rule

Sebastian Hammer started out the second full day of Code4Lib with a discussion f the origin of open source software. After talking for a few minutes about the growing challenge for libraries to remain relevant in a changing informaiton economy, he bridged to the concept of builidng things not through api use but rather by... more

code4lib – day 2

The first full day at code4lib included a slew of 20 minute talks on various library and coding topics today. The opening speaker stefano mazzocchi pushed on the idea about how the change to digital will impact how we encode and transport information. The interesting angle on this discussion was the representation of the reduction... more

Information Commons 2.0 Webcast

This afternoon 18+ folks gathered in LIB204 for a webcast from ACRL on Information Commons. The sections was led by Joan Lippencott. Here are the notes from the session – it will be available online from ACRL and I will post the link here when available. She began by discussing the concepts of Information Commons... more

code4lib 2009 – Vufind

This morning kicked off code4lib 2009 with a series of pre-conferences. Both Kevin and I attended the Vufind preconference session which included an overview of vufind, install exercise, and a q&a session on vufind features and issues. I documented lots of notes & tips on our Vufind project page in the library wiki and once... more

Sarah at the Lilly Conference: Saturday and Sunday

On Saturday, I attended three helpful sessions at the Lilly Conference on College and University Teaching.First, I attended “Active Learning: Shared Experiences across Science Classrooms and Strategies for Matching Tools and Techniques to Courses and Course Objectives.” There were six presenters from Furman University: Dennis Haney, Mike Winiski, Min-Ken Liao, Brian Goess, Wes Dripps, and... more

Sarah at the Lilly Conference: Thursday & Friday

Yesterday, I attended a very informative pre-conference on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) at the Lilly Conference on College and University Teaching in Greensboro.The pre-conference was led by Scott Simkins, Director of the Academy for Teaching and Learning at N.C. A&T State University and Karen Hornsby from the History Dept. at N.C. A&T... more

Erik, Leslie, Linda E attend Change management workshop

This morning, Leslie, Linda E. and Erik attended a change management workshop offered through the professional development center. The workshop touched on a variety of issues surrounding approaching change, managing change in work settings, and working with colleagues to address issues surrounding change in the workplace. From the initial discussion of participants it was clear... more

Steve at ALA Midwinter

Sorry this is so late, but at least the info included is not time-sensitive.Like several other folks here, I went to the ALA Midwinter Conference in Denver in late-January.I stayed at the apartment of our former colleague Jim Galbraith, who is now living in Denver and working for NetLibrary as a Product Manager.Jim sends his... more