During June 2009

Metrolina Library Association Information Literacy Conference

On Thursday, June 18th, Bobbie Collins, Carolyn McCallum, Leslie McCall, and Sarah Jeong attended the 4th Annual Information Literacy Conference in Charlotte. As usual, the organizers of this conference did an excellent job pulling together an impressive group of speakers who addressed a variety of issues and trends relating to information literacy. The 100 attendees... more

RBMS day 2

Today was the first official day of the RBMS preconference in Charlottesville. It’s the 50th annual RBMS, so we learned a lot about the history of the section. Plenary sessions began with a reminiscence by David Stam, University Librarian Emeritus at Syracuse, who had attended the first RBMS as a 23-year-old brand new employee at... more

Steve at NASIG 2009

I know this is a bit late, but I’ve finally been able to dig myself out from under.The 24th Conference of the North American Serials Interest Group (NASIG) was held during the first week of June, and I served as co-chair of the Conference Planning Committee, with the spectacular support of Chris Burris as our... more

RBMS day 1: Special Collections in the Classroom

First day at the Rare Books & Manuscripts Section preconference in Charlottesville, VA. Today was pre-pre-conference workshop day, and I attended “Beyond Show and Tell: Teaching Strategies for Special Collections Professionals”. Presenters were Julie Grob, Digital Projects and Instruction Librarian for Special Collections at U. of Houston, and Matt Ball, Outreach and Student Services Librarian... more

The Big Read Orientation

Once again, the Z. Smith Reynolds Library is partnering with the Forsyth County Public Library for the “Big Read 2009.” You may recall that last year Rosalind Tedford was the ZSR representative for this project when the book selected was “Fahrenheit 451” by Ray Bradbury. This year I’ve taken on that role and the book... more

2009 North Carolina ILL Users Group Meeting

Angie Hobbs, Kate Irwin-Smiler, Ellen and I braved the rain and the wind to attend the annual North Carolina ILL Users Group Meeting on Friday, June 5, 2009. The traffic was really backed up over Lake Norman. Fortunately, Ellen is adept at driving in unfamiliar places using back road. We arrived at UNC-Charlotte only half... more

Generating interest in your campus IR

Erik, Sarah J, Molly K, and Steve K (anyone else?) attended a web-based conference on marketing institutional repositories to the university. The two presenters were from CalPoly and discussed how their IR supported a wide range of resources including university archives, masters theses, and faculty publications. They covered a wide range of topics but by... more

Inspiration, Innovation, Celebration

I also had the opportunity to serve as a session timer at the Inspiration, Innovation, Celebration conference at UNCG. The first session I attended/timed was “Going Green in the Library: It’s Not Just for Contractors”. The speakers for this session were: Michael Crumpton, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro; Sarah Dorsey, The University of... more

Inspiration, Innovation, Celebration an entrepreneurial conference for librarians

Like Craig and Heather I also volunteered to help with this conference and was able to attend multiple session. The first keynote speaker Joyce Ogburn had an interesting suggestion on the way we think about our profession and an information profession. She suggested we think of it as a knowledge profession. To think of our... more

SCOAP3 Web conference

Tired of hearing from me yet? 🙂 I just attended an ASERL-sponsored Webcast about SCOAP3, a fairly new initiative to change the model of scholarly communication within the field of High-Energy Physics (HEP). The presenter was Salvatore Mele, Project Manager for SCOAP3 and Head of Open Access at CERN in Switzerland (think Large Hadron Collider... more