During January 2010

Sarah at the ScienceOnline2010 Conference

On January 16th-17th, I attended the ScienceOnline2010 Conference, which was held in Research Triangle Park and hosted by Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society. On January 16th, I attended the session led by John Hogenesch on “Science in the Cloud,” which Molly has already blogged about. I learned about Public Library of Science Currents: Influenza, which... more

NCSU/UNCG/Duke Meet Up

On Friday, Susan, Erik, Jean-Paul, and I went to NCSU for a gathering of librarians working at the intersection of libraries, instruction, and technology. This gathering has evolved quite a bit in the past few years. The first meet up was at UNCG, when Steve Cramer got in touch to see if we wanted to... more

Carolyn at ALA’s Midwinter Meeting in Boston

This was my first time attending ALA’s Midwinter Conference. I had a great time rooming and socializing with Susan and Roz. During the conference, I ran into some old colleagues (Elizabeth Novicki, Jim Galbraith & Debbie Nolan), made new contacts with other librarians, and heard some interesting talks which are subsequently described. Friday night, I... more

ScienceOnline2010 Day 2 (Sunday)

The second, and last, day of ScieneOnline2010 started a bit later and more relaxed, as Saturday-only attendees and those with early flights (or long drives) decreased numbers somewhat. The half-day was book-ended by two more yummy meals, with lunch once again featuring one of my favorite area restaurants, Mediterranean Deli. If this conference’s sessions weren’t... more

Steve at ALA Midwinter

Last Wednesday I flew up to Boston for ALA Midwinter and a meeting of the NASIG Executive Board, which I attended as Member-at-Large. Although NASIG is an independent organization, we piggyback our board meeting on the front-end of the conference. So Thursday, I attended our all-day meeting to discuss the on-going business of NASIG in... more

Lauren P. at ALA Midwinter

Cross posted to my blog. This was a fun ALA for me, though I didn’t get (or stay) out as much as I typically do. Little boy Borwick is already making his presence known in the form of hijacking my schedule for resting. 🙂 I tried to pick activities wisely, and I still wanted to... more

ScienceOnline2010 Day 1 (Saturday)

The first official day of ScienceOnline2010 began with early morning registration and breakfast, where I had my first encounter with doughnut muffins. Who knew such treats existed?! For those who are curious, it was shaped like a muffin, with dense cake-like dough, entirely covered in sugar. Not a bad start to my day! To give... more

Susan’s Final Morning at ALA Midwinter 2010

I had two sessions on my itinerary this morning, both at the Convention Center. So my roommates and I checked out bright and early and hopped the shuttle down to the BCEC one last time. It was a snowy ride, as the wet weather W-S experienced yesterday made its way to New England and turned... more

Some Musings on eBooks from Roz at ALA

Rather than detail other sessions I have gone to here at ALA Midwinter, I thought I’d follow a thread that has gone throughout them and try and give some perspectives and ideas that have come to me. Ebooks, not surprisingly, have been a hot topic – everyone wants to know if we have hit the... more

Saving the World and Some $$ – Roz at ALA

My Saturday afternoon at ALA Midwinter went from the sublime to the sublime. First I got to hear Al Gore speak about his new book Our Choice: A Plan to Save The Earth — he was inspiring as always (if you find him inspiring as I do). He made some interesting points about the information... more