During April 2011

Final Day at ACRL

Every so often, maybe once a decade, I hear a presentation at a conference that profoundly affects my thinking. The first was in 1985 at the Medical Library Association conference in New York. Leland Kaiser, health care futurist, predicted the current health care financing crisis due to the outdated fee-for-service model, but what affected me... more

Susan’s ACRL Day Two With a Little Day One Spillover

Day Two offered another full day of sessions and since everyone here from ZSR seems to have embraced Roz’s theme approach to reporting, I’ll roll in my unreported day one stuff into this post. One of my themes has been distance education because our workgroup is putting together a plan to ready us for when... more

A Long Friday at ACRL

I just got back from the ACRL All Conference Reception at the National Constitution Center. Whew, it’s been a long day. For whatever reason, today’s sessions were much more crowded than yesterday. Either there were fewer sessions and the same number of people or more people for the same number of sessions. Since Copyright seems... more

Susan’s ACRL Day One

The first day of this conference was jam-packed from early morning to midnight. This year I took a more disciplined approach to the programming than I usually do, so I had charted out my day’s plan of action. The logistics of this particular conference location made it easy to execute since our hotel is connected... more

Giz ACRL Thursday

This is my first ACRL and I’m enjoying the size (smaller than ALA) and the focus (almost every program is relevant in some way!) I’ll try to convey the great energy at this conference in my blog post, but I’m sure I can’t do it justice. I’ve always liked Roz’s theme approach to conference blogging,... more