During November 2011

Inside ZSR

Open Access Week 2011 Wrap-up

In recognition of Open Access Week 2011 (Oct. 24-28), I participated in three presentations over 4 weeks: 2 local, 1 online. To unofficially kick things off, I spoke on Oct. 6, along with Bill Kane, at the Thursdays at Byrum Center series on supporting scholarship. I spoke generally about why I do what I do,... more

ZSR Mentoring Committee Journal Reading Program

On November 2, the Mentoring Committee sponsored a “Mentoring Skills Builder” program. The program was designed to provide an opportunity for assembly members and current mentees/mentors to meet and discuss two short mentoring articles. Committee members (Giz Womack and Bobbie Collins) volunteered to lead the discussion. The articles chosen for the program look at both... more

Mentoring Program Coordinator Council

On Thursday, November 3, Bobbie, Giz, Craig, and Molly attended the third campus-wide Mentoring Program Coordinator Council. Organized once each semester by Allison McWilliams, Director of the Mentoring Resource Center, the Council brings together the coordinators of various formal mentoring programs at Wake Forest. Programs include those involving peer-to-peer mentoring among undergraduates, professional mentoring matches... more

Digitizing Hidden Collections: Success Stories from Small and Medium-sized Digitization projects

Today, Vicki, Craig, and I sat in on an ALA Office of Information Technology Policy (OITP) webinar on the topic of digitizing hidden collections. Each of the four presenters discussedinteresting and uniquedigitization projects. Erin Kinney, the Digital Initiatives Librarian at Wyoming State Library, spoke about the Wyoming Newspaper Project. Besides having a great logo, the... more

Kevin at edUi 2011

edUi – a conference for web professionals serving colleges, universities, libraries, museums, and beyond – was held in Richmond, VA this year, having moved from its original location in Charlottesville. It was a good move – many first time attendees – and an incredible conference. From the plenary on the “Googlization of Everything” – where... more