During November 2011

Inside ZSR

Advocating for Collection Preservation – NCPC Annual Conference

Craig: On Friday, November 18, Vicki and I traveled to the Friday Center in Chapel Hill for the North Carolina Preservation Consortium (NCPC) Annual Conference. The theme this year was “Advocating for Collection Preservation”. Vicki: We’ll share our thoughts and impressions to give you an idea of what we learned! V: The first speaker was... more

ASERL Nov 14-15, 2011

On November 14-15, I attended the fall membership meeting of the Association of Southeast Research Libraries. I was all set to transcribe my notes when ASERL Executive Director, John Burger, posted this summary. It is just too tempting to use his summary, so forgive this shortcut. My supplementary comments appear in italics. 1)Journal Retention Program.... more

Beth: Assigning LC call numbers

Last week for 3 days I took a class on assigning LC call numbers. The class was one of the many OCLC offers throughout the year. This class was offered through them by the Midwest Collaborative for Library Services in Michigan. The instructor was Dawn Swanson, a technical services librarian at Kettering University. Because Kettering... more

A Person of Interest webinar

Yesterday afternoon, Scott Adair, Anna Dulin and I spent an hour and a half thinking about the sorts of security situations one would rather not think about. The webinar, “A Person of Interest: Safety and Security in the Library” presented by LLAMA (the Library Leadership and Management Association) focused on getting library employees to prepare... more

Mary Beth at Access Services Conference

I spent Thursday and Friday at the Access Services Conference: Unlocking the 21st Century Library in Atlanta. While this is the first time I attended the conference, it was the third time the conference was held. I found it an interesting conference filled with 500 (not surprisingly) like minded individuals. The keynote was delivered on... more

Lauren P. at ALAO

Last week, in the middle of this crazy semester, I took a few days to present at ALAO. I’m still catching up, but it was also nice to have a bit of a breather! 🙂 ALAO is the Academic Library Association of Ohio. They hold an annual one-day conference on issues related to academic libraries,... more

Development for Deans and Academic Leaders

Last week, I was finally able to attend the Development for Deans seminar put on by CASE (Council for Advancement and Support of Education). I had tried at least twice in the past, but life events got in the way. The Fall 2011 session was in Atlanta on November 2-4. It was a very full... more

Three Themes & Some Miscellaneous Ideas from Charleston

Acquiring Datasets: Two speakers from the U. of Illinois (one a “Numeric and Spatial Data Librarian”) described a pilot project managed by a Data Services Committee. Purchased datasets are stored on a section of the library’s webserver and linked in the catalog. In the long run, current processes may not be scalable and may demand... more

Charleston Conference 2011

Just a bulleted list of highlights while I’m minimizing strain on a broken wrist, but call or ask me for more info if desired: Lots of questions (regarding inconsistencies, navigation, and discoverability to name a few) centered on data sets and other types of supplemental material to publications — publishers as well as libraries and... more

Digital Forsyth: There is Still Interest Out There!

During the past two days the North Carolina State Archives and the State Historical Records Advisory Board sponsored a conference in Raleigh: “From Theory to Practice: Accessing and Preserving Electronic Records and Digital Materials.” Originally, Audra was lined up to talk about Digital Forsyth in the cultural repositories track session on “Economics: The True Costs... more