By James Harper

Inside ZSR

James H. at OCLCRS2018

The OCLC Resources Sharing Conference 2018 “Bridging Communities” It is pretty safe to say this was the largest stand alone interlibrary loan (aka resources sharing) conference ever held.  I know because I have been to many. Up to now, the only yearly, national conference we had focused on one software package (ILLiad) used to manage... more

James H. ALA Midwinter

ALA Mid-Winter 2017, a conference of discovery. Three days in which our hero finds his pack and by extension finds himself (in a bar that stocks 60 different whiskeys). When I say ‘find my pack’, I don’t mean figuring out who they are, but actually WHERE they are. I’m a member of ALA’s RUSA and... more

Next Stop…Vegas! ILLiad 2015

I know what you are thinking, ‘what do gambling chips have to do with interlibrary loan software?’ Short answer: nothing. Long answer: everything. I’ll let Tara explain.* My first experience at an ILLiad conference was excellent. Tuesday, Atlas Systems hosted a Social –Casino Night that gave me the opportunity to meet and socialize with over... more

2014 ILLiad Conference

Just to review, ILLiad is the software we use to manage interlibrary loan and ZSR Delivers requests. Thankfully no speeding ticket this year. It was a cold, rainy trip to Virginia Beach and I opted to listen to a Scandinavian murder mystery, instead rockin’ out. (spoiler…the lady lawyer did it.) I went to several informative... more

2013 ILLiad Conference

My 9th OCLC ILLiad conference got off to a rough start. On my way to Virginia Beach I got a speeding ticket – 76 in a 60 zone. I was NOT running late or in a hurry. I was just in the groove – new Richard Thompson on the stereo, sun roof open, southeastern Virginia... more